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mom hair

I’m going to put photos and descriptions. Prices are for funsies. Make an offer.

M- Paul Frank t-shirt. It says “Pugly” $2

M- I really like the cut and the feel of this shirt. I used to wear it to sporting events ironically. $5

It’s a book – self-explanatory $5

DVDs – $15 for both sets

DVDs – $15 for both sets

DVDs – $15 for both sets

M- jersey wrap-front dress. Great for nursing $15

M-zip-up from Dynamite. I just never wear it. $5

M- tap-sleeve button front shirt from Joe. I don’t seem to enjoy pockets on my boobs. Otherwise, it’s a nice breezy comfy shirt. $5

Size 8 – Navy shorts from Jacob $10

M- navy dress with swallows print, from Modcloth. I really like it but I don’t LOVE it and I’m trying to streamline things. The hem is longer in the back than the front. $20 ON HOLD

Men’s size small – $10

M- navy mock-wrap dress. Tulip style skirt and come with a slip. From Anthropologie. Again, like but don’t love. $20

M – American Apparel brown zip hoodie – $5

M – Joe workout shorts – $5

M – Paul Frank t-shit with three birds on it. It’s less green and more blue looking in real life. $2A foot spa. I used it once. It has bubbles and massagers. This would be good if you like full-on home pedicures. $5 ON HOLD

A variety of plugs and tunnels and other items from when my lobes were stretched. Mostly 2ga but a few things going as small as 8ga. The glass spirals there alone are worth $50 but I’m asking $20 for the lot because I can’t be bothered to sort and post these individually.

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks. Please feel free to share this post because I don’t want to move this stuff. Any money made from selling this stuff is going towards moving costs.

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