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29th-Mar-2011 09:07 pm - This is about mascara.
crazy face
I don't use black mascara. I know wearing mascara in the first place is fake but to me, pretending my eyelashes are BLACK is super fake. There is not a black hair on my body!

And the black-brown you see at the pharmacy... what the hell is that??? It's just mild black. It's nearly impossible to find a nice brown nowadays bit I remember when I was in high school and auburn was readily available. If I could go back in time I would tell myself to hoard that shit! That and my favorite discontinued hair colours (I guess orange hair is no longer in fashion).

So as it stands, I need to spend $30 at Sephora on a nice brown mascara. A few days ago I was as Superstore browsing the Joe clothes and noticed they had makeup so I took a peek and saw BROWN MASCARA for UNDER $10!!!  I bought it.  Ouuu I was so excited.

This is the shittiest mascara I have EVER bought. The brand new tube applies worse than my overdue for replacement mascara of yesteryear. Not only does it go on horribly, but it's waterproof so it's a real bitch to take off.

This is my plight. Pity me.

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4th-Feb-2011 02:39 pm - Two Rants about Furniture
mom hair

We bought a very expensive change table for Bobby. It is very nice quality and can be used as a shelf system or a desk with a simple modification.  When we moved, we misplaced some of the hardware that went with it. I emailed the company and asked how much it would cost for a replacement hardware set.  The answer was $107 plus $25 shipping!!!  That's a lot.  I've tried just replacing with hardware store parts but I can't find the exact right thing and the whole piece is too wobbly to put a baby on.  The other thing we could do is buy a dresser and put a change station top on it but then we have this nice piece that will be completely useless sitting in the basement.

I think I'll try the hardware store one more time but for now, I'm annoyed!


We ordered a kitchen table from a certain store in the market before we moved. The estimated delivery date was mid December. In late December after hearing nothing Brent called to ask about it and was told that it would be mid-march and that we'd be getting a letter in the mail to explain the situation soon.  We got nothing, we heard nothing. Fed up, I called back this Monday to be told that it would be end of April. The person I spoke with told me it was her colleague that was in charge of this order and she could explain it to me. I started to tell her that I was very disappointed in the post-order customer service from this company (this is the second time a similar thing has happened) and she said that she would note it in my file and that her colleague would call me back.

I called back today and I was speaking to the same person and I asked why I still had not received a call. She told me that I asked her to merely note my displeasure in my file!!! LIES. I told her I wanted to speak to someone about this issue ASAP and she took down my number and said a supervisor would call me back.

I am PISSED. Look if my order is going to be late, I'm ok with that IF YOU CALL ME BEFORE IT'S DUE TO ARRIVE AND LET ME KNOW!!! But if I have to chase you around so you can tell me that something is messed up and then ignore me for MONTHS ON END I'm going to take my money elsewhere, even if it costs way more for me to so.

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31st-Dec-2010 08:25 pm - My tin of Rosebud Salve
mom hair
Rosebud Salve

It's basically scented vaseline.  I've had this very tin since either 2002 or 2003. I Remember exactly when I bought it.

I was visiting Sarah in Toronto and we went shopping at Urban Outfitters.  I had hair long enough for a ponytail and  I would pin up the front section. It was dyed more red than it is now.  I bought an orange whirth with an asymmetrical neckline. It also featured a large black crow. I also bought a teal crewneck tee which I still have today. I chose my first pair of Tigers which matched both shirts.  I saw the tin as we were browsing the knick knack/pos area and grabbed it because I had seen it in magazines and Sarah told me it was good stuff. You can see me wearing them after getting back to Sarah's place in the image below.


Hmm I still have that coat! I love that thing. It needs a new zipper.

When I got tot he cash, they forgot to charge me for the shoes ($80 pre-tax) so while Sarah was flirting with a man-worker there about a heart pillow I rushed to her and told her we had to leave right away. We rushed off into the Eaton Center to make sure no one followed us to make me pay for the sneakers they just gave me.

Since then I have moved 3 times. I have misplaced and forgotten about that tin and delightfully found it again many times. It's still good! You would think it would be gunky by now but it's not. And you know what? It is THE BEST THING for my lips that I have EVER USED.  I love how beat up it looks and how it just follows me around everywhere. I love that I explicitly remember the day I bought it.

Currently it's sitting on my bedside table 1/2 full and saving me for the winter chappies.

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28th-Dec-2010 09:22 pm - Help me spend money
The other day I asked for suggestions for places to find slippers online on Twitter/Facebook.

I got two suggestions and they were both tied for (excuse the lame slang) FUGLIEST THINGS EVER.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

So I turned to ETSY and found so many I liked that now I can't decide. Let me know which ones you think suit ME best!

Poll #1661767 Choose some slippers for me

Which slippers suit me best?

1 - Chocolate Plaid
2 - Keyhole Flats
3 - Houndstooth
4 - Grey on Grey Felt
5 - Beige Felt
6 - Coarse Wool Felt
7 - Marbled White Felt
8 - None, my suggestion is in the comments

Click on photos below to go to listing and see alternate views. Or perhaps to scoop me on a purchase.

1 - Chocolate Plaid
1 - chocolate plaid

2 - Keyhole Flat

2 - Keyhole Flat

3 - Houndstooth

3 - Houndstooth

4 - Grey on Grey Felt

4 - Grey on Grey Felt

5 - Beige Felt

5 - Beige Felt

6 - Coarse Wool Felt

6 - Coarse Wool Felt

7 - Marbled White Felt

7 - Marbled Wool Felt

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Sometimes life just needs to give you a slap in the face to bring you back to reality.

Yesterday I stayed home sick from work because in he night I woke up with what I assume is food poisoning but I don't know anyone else who had it.  I went out at lunch time to find some food to suit my palate and while out I got into a fender bender and spent the entire afternoon:
  1. outside in the cold
  2. feeling sick with no bathrooms around
  3. not having eaten
  4. with an undriveablen (not a word) car that I've had for less than a week
The basic overview of what happened is as follows;  I was at a multi lane intersection and I was turning right using one of those yield-lanes that keeps you out of the actual intersection. When I entered the turn, there was a car at the end of it, in motion.  There was a car in the far lane of the road we were both turning onto (that being two lanes away from the lane you SHOULD be going to when turning) and then no cars to be seen after that.

I was going pretty slow as was the car in front of me.  I turned to check my blind spot (foot on the brake) and when I saw nothing was coming I took my foot slightly off the break as I turned to look forward again.  The car in front of me was COMPLETELY stopped. The car driving down the far lane had gone by at this point.  I slammed back on the brake and turned as hard left as I could to try and get by but the corners of our cars decided to totally make out.

I realize that as far as the strict rules go, I am totally at fault.  But what the hell??? 

I sat in my car telling myself that this somehow didn't happen.  Wishing that my life could rewind like me ridiculous cable television does.  After a few minutes? I got out to check to see if the other driver was ok.  She was. I was MAYBE going 5km/hr at the time.  And she says something like "I'm really upset because this is the THIRD TIME IN SIX MONTHS the same thing has happened to me!"

Now I feel a little less culpable.  She obviously has a history or randomly stopping for no reason.  Anyways, we had to wait for the cops to come (1.25 hours) and that part went ok.  He didn't give me a ticket because he said that even though it was TECHNICALLY negligence for me, it's the kind of thing where you can't REALLY lay blame.  

I got a ride to the collision center at the car dealership with the tow truck driver.

ASIDE - do tow truck driver's make a fucking fortune?  THe driver made it seem that way. He also had many colourful stories about the bad parts of town and his experience with his cheating wife and her cartel family. NOT UNCOMFORTABLE AT ALL. Lying, it was a little uncomfortable.  But he was very nice.

The dealership dude set me up with a rental car and 4 hours later I was on my way home to FINALLY use a bathroom and collapse in a heap of suck.

I think had all that not happened I would be feeling good and back at work today but *sigh*.

Oh and when I called my car insurance, during the questioning they ask how many km are on the car.  When I said 175 she said "thousand" and I said, "no just 175" and she said "ouuu that's gotta hurt!"

Thanks lady!

Later when I got home I looked at the police report and the woman driving was born in 1935.  She probably got her liscence back when cars were first invented.  I kid but seriously, there are a lot of aging drivers out in our city right now and it's only going to increase.  I'm not saying all old drivers are horrible but 3 accidents in 6 months of the same nature must mean something yet for some reason, I doubt this woman's competency to drive is going to be evaluated.

In the end, everyone came out fine.  I just hope that this annoying thing happened for a reason. Like maybe if it didn't, I would have been smacked by a big rig at the next intersection or something.  Which reminds me of the time I stopped for some birds in the road and at the next intersection someone ran a red light and I would have been right in it's path if not for those birds.

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5th-Apr-2010 02:39 pm - Choose for me.
eats pie
Trying to decide on what to spend the balance in my paypal.

Option one

These three earrings ONE TWO THREE

These slippers

This necklace

What do you think should choose?

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In the past few days I've made:

-pumpkin pancakes with chocolate chips ( billion of them, I made 6 batches last night and only realized today was Mardi Gras sometime around 2pm)
-couscous with roasted vegetables, kalamata olives and rosemary
-cauliflower, sweet potato and butternut squash soup
-cauliflower (it was on sale) filled macaroni and cheese (very sneaky, you can't see it, not that anyone here minds)


I've been consistently reading 10 or more minutes per night.  I finished a book over the weekend and was contemplating what to read next when I got an email from Jeff telling me that he left a couple of books (french ones!) in my mailbox!  Hurray!  So last night I started reading L’Étranger by Camus.  I'm only a few pages in (2 hours of cooking pancakes really tired me out) but so far it's going pretty well.  The writing is very simple so it's easy to follow and it will likely be good practice at acclimatizing me to the grammar.


 I haven't done any non-grocery shopping since my post but I have been thinking about locally owned places to shop.  I was reminded of my recent shopping experience at Warren's (a store that only has 3 locations - all in Ottawa so I ASSUME it's local)  I had such great service there (at two of the locations in fact) that I wanted to either call or send an email to their upper management.  Well there website has NO such contact info!!!  That's very disappointing to me.  I guess I could call the stores and try to get the info but what a hassle for praise!


I cut Bobby's valentines into hearts... that counts right?

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7th-Feb-2010 08:51 pm - Being sick of things is complicated
you're in trouble
 I'm sick of my stretched lobes.

My favorite pair of earrings broke (wood hoops) and they cost a lot so now I just want to be done with it and downsize back to 'normal' ear hole size.  This wouldn't be a problem if I didn't get rid of all my smaller gauge stuff!!! The only thing I have left is a pair of 4ga plugs that I'm not all that fond of.

So to be happy, I either need to spend money on a replacement pair of wooden hoops, or a few pieces of smaller gauge stuff in 4ga, 6ga and 8 ga.  This is so annoying.

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31st-Jan-2010 02:53 pm - I'm obsessed!
 Brent and I have put ourselves on a very rigorous plan in order to pay off all our debt (mortgage and car excluded) within 2 years.  To keep ourselves from going insane, we've coupled this with a plan to upgrade our "we like it but not 'forever' like it" furniture.  Part of the plan to make this possible is selling the furniture that we are replacing (It's all still in good condition) as well as other stuff around the house that we don't need or use.  Last month I sold our carpet steam cleaner, an exercise bike and a figuring we were gifted with.  It all sold within a week and now the bug has bit me again.

I've posted three thins today and every time I walk into a new room I start eyeing things and thinking about getting rid of it.  I already have some things picked out to post tonight but I haven't taken photos yet...

So in case you were wondering, here is what I'm selling as of right now;

Our dining room table! (we have another one in the basement... we don't need two!)
A bunch of vases we never use
A sushi making kit

Coming in the near future - a set of red nesting tables with matching coffee table, the couch and sofa chair, Berny and MAYBE Tyrone..... ok ok FINE I'll keep the dogs.

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13th-Jan-2010 11:02 pm - waaaant!
mom hair
 Brent and I have made a financial plan to be out of debt (other than car and mortgage) within a year.  It's really good and it feels great to see the progress but oh my GOD I really want STUFF and I can't buy stuff and that makes me want it MORE MORE MORE.

First, I want a hair cut.  I haven't had one in 6 months
Then I want two pairs of jeans that fit like leggings. One black and one dark blue. (where can I even get these?)
Next I want a mean pair of black boots - motorcycle style

I think that would hold me over for a while.

Did I mention my birthday is coming up?

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