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8th-Jun-2010 08:43 am - Real Estate Dreams
mom hair
I wish I lived somewhere else.

I love our house, it's 99% perfect (needs a linen closet). I love having a yard where I can garden.  I love that there is a school and a park literally in my backyard. I love that there are good schools nearby and I love that we are a short drive away from a great grocery store.

That's where the love stops and my dreams for future living comes out.  There are two dreams.  The first is the one I think about the most:
  • An old home with high baseboards and high ceilings with moldings but with modern decor (or one of those modernish looking infill homes that have been popping up everywhere)
  • A sizable FLAT yard with ample space for a vegetable garden and to run around and play
  • Mature trees
  • Being able to WALK to nearby shops (coffee, grocery, restaurants etc)
  • Being able to bike to work (I currently COULD but the finale of my ride home would be a Hill Of Doom - not interested)
  • A neighbourhood where people actually talk to each other ( I had high hopes for my new neighbour and was foiled majorly)
My second dream was inspired by my weekend.  We went to my cousin's house for her oldest daughter's 12th birthday.  They live about an hour outside the city on a large property with a barn, two horses, some fields and all that jazz.  Even with all the kids running around it is just so PEACEFUL there.  I imagined the following
  • A farmhouse with a wrap-around porch
  • a long row of very tall trees lining a huge yard with a clothesline housing all the linens
  • A HUGE vegetable garden with such bounty that I could actually can enough for the winter after eating my fill in teh summer
  • A HUGE berry patch that would produce pies and jams
  • A big play structure
  • Invisible fencing for our dogs who would otherwise run away
  • Some laying hens
The downsides of the second dream are definitely how far it would be to get to school, work and to the grocery store etc. the lack of diversity and the narrowing of choices for things like schools.

I think I'll be able to make the first one happen in the next 5 years.  What is your  "realistic dream" living situation?

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 Last night I dreamt that Megan Butcher, whom I've never met and now am sort of leery of, was giving me a ride somewhere.  On the way, we stopped at a rural donut shop.  The kind that makes those yummy cinnamon covered donuts and puts them in a paper bag to absorb the grease.  As I was chatting with some folks at a picnic table, she just left me there!

In other news that is super interesting to everyone, I know have saggy tits and a flat ass.  Happy New Year!

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23rd-Apr-2008 07:45 am - I won't tell you all about it but....
I had some crazy ass dreams last night and it was pretty weird. One involved buying and regretting a $500 bottle of perfume while on a drunken bender.

Enough about that. All I ever want to do is drink slushies and last week I noticed the pharmacy in my building sells them! they have for a while but I somehow only noticed now, after 4 years of working here!

I'm totally getting one this afternoon AFTER I drink all my water. They only have 2 flavours though. Red and Blue...

When it's hot out, what's your favorite cool-down food/drink?

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11th-Oct-2007 08:29 am - Offending Sensibilities
I was in a sort of cafeteria listening to my iPod when I accidentally sang a little snippet out loud. I did it quietly but apparently it offended this one girl of about the same age as me.

"Not everyone wants to hear it, you don't need to sing."

"It was just an accident and only a few words, don't worry about it."

A little while later I was zoned out looking ahead of me while rooting through my pocket for change. Once my eyes focused I noticed I was staring directly at the same girl. She also noticed.

"Why are you staring at me?"

"I was just zoning out, it has nothing to do with you"

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1st-May-2007 11:27 am - Hello Spring!
Heroes was super awesome last night.  I like how there are no clear cut good and bad guys.

A part of a dream involved my head being smooshed into a pregnant woman's belly on the buss and thinking it felt like a heated pillow.

I picked up my fabric for my sewing lesson last night.  It is teal with white polka dots.  The smock will have white trim.

It seems like we may be going on a mini-trip to Nova Scotia at the end of the month.  Did I mention I'm broke?  I told Brent I'm broke and he's seeing if he can swing the whole trip and if his dad will toss us the arimiles for a return flight.

A few days ago I made a meal inspired by naughty_bride 's husband.  I call it HELLO SPRING! Spaghetti.

How to make it:

  1. Cut the woody stems off a bunch of thin asperagus and discard (into your compost!)
  2. Cut off the tops (about 2" in length) and reserve, put the rest in a food processor with a couple cloves of garlic and some oregano.
  3. Blend and slowly add olive oil until a medium paste is formed.
  4. In a large saucepan, sauté the asperagus tops for 2 minutes then add the blended stuff and 2 diced and seeded tomoatoes.
  5. Heat through
  6. Stir in cooked spaghetti noodles and top with freshly grated parmesan.

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The links to the past have something in common that I completely forgot about.  This is the time of year that I normally visit with S.A.P. and it makes me think that maybe I should try to patch things up.  But how? The whole reason things are they way they are now (as far as I'm concerned anyhow) is because she is too self-absorbed to see things from my point of view or to even talk to me about things I bring up that may be 'difficult'.  If I make the first move nothing will change.  Are the good times worth knowing that she will always put herself first no matter how great or small this situation?
23rd-May-2006 06:12 pm - Dream lover come rescue me...
I had a really vivid dream last night. I won't recap it though...  I just thought I'd mention it because so far 3 people on my f-list have written about their crazy dreams last night in addition to someone I don't *really* know on one of the blogs I read.

Do you think people are somehow connected in dreams or something? I mean,  people on my f-list rarely write about dreams at all and last night a bunch of people has weird dreams....

Something. Is. Up.

I remember this happening once before too....

Did you have a vivid dream last night?
13th-Apr-2006 02:41 pm - a sudden pang of memory
mom hair
I've just realized that last night I dreamt that I had surface piercings on my torso, just the front.

I was looking at myself through the eyes of someone standing in front of me...wondering how I had gotten these piercings and why I would let that happen. I remembered that when I got them they looked nice and I was happy but they were all red and infected now and taking them out somehow looked worse than putting them in.

Thinking about it now I can almost feel them on my own body.
14th-Dec-2005 10:14 am - I JUST REMEMBERED MY DREAM!
mom hair
I dreamt that I took part in a course for women geting married where we were to learn about Indian religions. I loved it, it was really interesting. At the 'graduation' time my mom was there but all of a sudden, the teachers were trying to convert everyone.

I was half way through the conversion prayer when I 'snapped out of it' and realised I had to leave. My mom was all like "I don't know why you agreed to convert" and neither did I, I just felt really at peace and happy.

So we were trying to sneak out behind the cake table. We were noticing how beautiful all the saris were and how grea thte colours were, then we were taking cake 'for the road' 'cause I guess we had to flee. There were 3 different cakes, they were cut up into portions and each kind was arranged on a big platter. All three platters were broken in the exact same way with a piece missing each.

We left through a glass skywalk.
24th-Oct-2005 08:51 am - Worst Dream Ever
mom hair
I had a terible dream last night. It was one of those dreams that feels prophetic but such terrible things happen that you really hope it isn't.
28th-Sep-2005 12:42 pm - meh
mom hair
Last night I slept pretty well (thanks to the gravol tip) and I dreamt the I was randomly meeting people and they all had the same ring as me, and we were all like 'we should start a club' but secretly, I resented them. One was a guy, he said he got the one with the diamond cause he likes sparkles.

saturday is our 'Engagement Party'. I wonder if we'll get presents...I don't think we will, but it would be cool!
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