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1st-Jul-2009 09:42 pm - This is just some random mind poop
 So my best friend is moving back to town/the country this month.  It's blowing my fucking mind.  I'm so used to seeing her for a week here or there in a year and communicating via blogging and email and somewhat over the phone.  I can't imagine what it will be like for he to actually be here.  Maybe we'll just email each other for the first month to ease into it...


Work has been ok so far.  I feel fine about being there but the second I walk out the door to go home I'm all "GET OUT OF MY WAY I HAVE A BABY TO PICK UP" and I will the bus driver to speed the whole way home and ignore red lights. SO GOOD that I don't drive to work!


Ok so here's a funny story.  I have these gorgeous cut glass double flared plugs and I put them in... I dunno, over a month ago anyways.  They were a little hard to get in but my ears are stretchy so with a little lube I got them in.  Then when I tried to take them out I couldn't!  My ears had lost their stretch and the flares were just that touch too big.  So I just left them in.  Luckily they go with every outfit. I could move them around enough to keep everything clean so that wasn't an issue but yesterday I had visions of wanting to take them out and having to have my lobes cut.  So I decided to just slowly work them out over the whole evening and all of today and first thing this morning they popped out.

I have vowed never to put them in again.

You know what? That story isn't very interesting.  

I actually have a few excellent post ideas right now but I do not have the energy to dedicate to them that they require to be truly excellent.  But I will post the topics:

-the time my ex-boyfriend kidnapped my cat Percy and tried to blame Brent for her disappearance
-when my mom signed me up for acting lessons 
-when my mom signed me up for skating lessons
-when I really liked this guy but told his friends I didn't and he never called me again

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