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8th-Oct-2009 08:44 pm - A real nail biter.
 As far back into my life as I can remember, I have been a nail biter.  I'm not just saying that for the sake of a post.  I have a very clear memory from before the age of 4 of me biting my nails and I highly doubt that was the first time.

I've looked into it a bit and it seems that the only agreed upon cause for nail biting is stress or anxiety.  I wonder what I was so stressed out about at that age?  I definitely see it now though.  I don't always bite my nails and when I find myself doing it it clicks that there's something gnawing on my mind which cases me to gnaw on my hands.

It doesn't even have to be anything 'bad', something as simple as thinking about all the things I need to do to prep for a dinner party sometimes sets me off.

You may think I'm posting this because it's a habit I want to stop.  On more than one occasion, as a grown woman, I've been chastised for biting my nails, like it's anybody's business other than mine.  Well I don't particularly care if I bite my nails.  What the hell is the big deal anyways.  They are short? OH NOES!!! People might think I'm a man!!!

I think it's a fairly harmless way to deal with minor stressors. It's not like my fingers are bleeding or infected and even if they were, it affects no one but me.  It's really astonishing that some people feel they have the absolute right to tell me "Stop biting your nails!" like they are doing me some big public service or I'm a stupid child.

UGGHHH I started out just wanting to write about how I'm okay with my 'bad habit' and now I'm all annoyed.

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