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Well I did!  Phase one complete.  I signed up for a full year and there is no getting out of it.  I've gone 3 days so far this week.  It would have been four but Wednesday's lunch break was spent eating buffet to celebrate a coworker getting older.

These are the shoes I ended up getting. They were the 2nd best looking pair I could find, the first best cost way more and these were very comfortable so I didn't even try the other ones.

Have I mentioned that I have NO willpower when it comes to food now? NONE.  I used to be great at it!  I remember when I first started working where I do now, I ate nothing white. (rice, potatoes, bread, sugar - I guess I ate white cheese) If something contained refined sugar, I did not eat it and more importantly, I did not feel as though I was missing out.

I know EXACTLY what happened. I got pregnant, and my body became re-addicted to sugar and fat.  I KNOW I have to break the cycle and go cold turkey but it is seriously difficult. It is a true addiction and arguments with coworkers about this notwithstanding (one actually claimed that it was bullshit to view caffeine as a drug and sugar has no real effect), it really takes a toll on my body. 

OK, that's it.  I'm making myself a promise.  I mean, I kept the gym one so I'm on a roll...

Once I get my next period, it's over.  No more refined sugar treats, no more deep fried breakfasts at work, no more eating whatever crap my coworkers bring in just because it's there.

I'm fully aware that I could do this right now, but the hormone munchies should be coming up any day now (if not already, I DID make an impromptu batch of vegan peanut butter chocolate crispy rice treats after all) and that is NO TIME to start this kind of thing.  I figure right after my period starts, the cravings will subside and I'll have nearly a month to detox.

Should I talk about my period some more?





Back to something more interesting... 

Using MSN on my mac, I can't open the panel to see who is online to start a new convo if I already have a convo going.  How lame is that. I mean, there's a work around but still!

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This post is brought to you from the one directly preceding it.

I remember when I was in my early teens, asking my mom what getting my period would be like.  I was left with the impression that I would feel a cramp, go sit on the toilet, pee blood and be done with it.

Wouldn't that be nice?

I had no idea that it came from the vagina and not the urethra.  I didn't know i would take days.  I didn't now it would look any different than the blood when you get a big cut.

The first time I got my period, I didn't even notice.  I spent the day swimming at a neighbour's house and when I got home and changed out of my swimsuit I noticed a little stain on the crotch.  My mom told me to use tampons but I was scared too.  She insisted but my sister saved the day with Maxi-Pads.

I didn't get it again for about 6 months.  I was feeling sick at school in the afternoon and when it was finally the end of the day my stomach was hurting so bad I huddled in the hallway in a ball until I regained my composure and made it to the bus.  I got home and went to pee and was shocked by the goo that I found.  Nothing like I imagined.  I spent a good while cleaning up before everyone else got home.  I don' remember if I told anyone.

So what was your first time like?  What misconceptions did you have about the whole thing beforehand?
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