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20th-Mar-2010 11:10 pm - What the shit happened?
mom hair

I can no longer figure out how to add a feed. what the shart?

I want to add this:

I went here:

And put the address in the spot it's supposed to go and when I clicked on "add feed" I got redirected to my profile page and the feed was not added.




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12th-Jan-2010 10:34 am - What does this even mean.
Say a couple - spouses - both have facebook accounts and aren't facebook friends.  What does that even mean?  That they want to keep internet secrets or that it's just redundant?

If Brent wasn't my facebook friend, I would definitely think he was hiding stuff from me.

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15th-Nov-2009 03:03 pm(no subject)
Yesterday I went to Jeff's place for a super-fun Cranium party. I was very excited because I LOVE playing Cranium and I'm also very competitive and love WINNING Cranium. I showed up to win.

Unfortunately for me, hardly anyone else there was very proficient at this particular game. Which is ok, it's definitely still fun. I'm just used to playing with Brent as my partner and absolutely killing all the other teams at a swift pace. The whole point of this is not to rag on my team mates though (however, I DID get asked if Marie Curie was one person or two) but to discuss the following;

I pulled a card where I had to get my team to guess that I was Jian Ghomeshi (no one guessed it) and then I was wondering... Does Jian play Cranium? What if he pulled that card? Would he just say... "I'm me"?

Do famous people play board games? Can you be considered famous when somebody says "I'm the host of Q on CBC Radio and the former drummer of Moxy Früvous" and two random guys have no clue who you are?

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3rd-Nov-2009 09:26 pm - Protected Posts Informational
 In the near future I anticipate writing a series of protected/friend only posts.  I haven't written any in a while really. I don't make much use of the feature, generally because only people who are added as my friends on LJ can read them and there are other bloggers with whom I interact on a somewhat regular basis who I would like to be able to read them.

I've added a few of you who have commented here using open ID to my friends list although I'm not sure if that grants you access to these posts.  If yes then I'm sure you need to be logged in to see them however I don't think there would be any kind of indication on my page that I had a protected entry unless you were logged in.

So here's a test.  If you are a blogger who has some kind of discourse going with me and you are logged in using an open ID and you can't see THIS POST let me know and I'll see if I can fix that.

Remember to check back here often for locked entries because they won't show up in your feed reader.

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29th-Aug-2009 03:15 pm - Introspection
eats pie
I wrote this post on a piece of paper last Sunday when I was waiting for Jeff to come pick me up to go to the Ottawa Foodies meet up. That makes it seem like he was late and I was killing time which is not the case. I was just ready early and this popped into my head.

If facebook had come around sooner, I likely wouldn't have this livejournal account. I can connect with friends, post notes and post photos. The downside of facebook is that the groups feature pales in comparison to the Livejournal Communities.

When I started this journal, it was fairly anonymous and as such my posts were more candid and introspective than they are now. Now when I write something I wonder if I would want my coworkers to read it. It really doesn't matter that much because it's not just my posts that have lost the introspective quality. It's my life in general.

I just don't have much time for it and that's ok. I figure by the age of 28, I really should have myself figured out by now, or at least figured out WELL ENOUGH. Now, I'm just enjoying the life built by all those years of self-examination (wow that sounds like I was feeling myself up a lot). It's peaceful. May be TOO peaceful?

Am I looking for a big change?

Not sure... I suppose I'll have to reflect on that...

This post was spurred on by an event earlier that day.  I was at a store looking for something after having been to 2 other places and was feeling frazzled because I had to be back home 5 minutes ago.  I'm standing there just looking around trying to find what I'm looking for when a woman next to me approaches me the same way I assume I would approach someone I don't REALLY know but FEEL like I know and have a lot of admiration for (I'm not saying she has admiration for me, I'm just imagining how I would feel to approach someone in the same manner).  Maybe Jian Ghomeshi... *swoon*

whooo back to the story.  The conversation goes something like this (I'm paraphrasing as this WAS a week ago);

Lady:  Ohhhhhhh!  Um... I guess you get this a lot.
Me: Get what a lot?
Lady: People coming up to you... because of your blog...
Me: Um.... (thinking: Actually no I don't, unless it's someone I KNOW through blogging, as in, we've had online conversations)
Lady: We check your blog all the time
Me: Who are you? (I guess this sounded rude but I really meant to say something like "Who would I know you as online?)
Lady: You'd probably know my husband
Me: What's his name? (referring to online 'name'
Lady: Insert a real full name I do not remember
Me: I have no idea who this is.

it went on a bit more but as I said, I was in a rush.

I just found it so odd because up until that point, I had assumed that everyone who reads this thing actually comments, or has commented at least once.  Livejournal does not provide me with stats so I actually have no idea at all how many people read this vs how many people comment.

If you read this... Who the hell are you? Leave me a comment! It's creepy that you don't.

I like to think that I've commented at least once on every personal journal I read.  I think I have.  I've sent emails directly to the writers of blogs that do not allow comments when he mood strikes.  I mean, if you read this with any frequency at all, you must have an opinion on SOMETHING right?

Let me have it.

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