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9th-Apr-2010 01:38 pm - Good enough to share
In an email exchange with naughty_bride ...

Me: I never saw the first movie (Sex in the City)... am I a total failure?

Her: How could you not have seen it!

Me: You were in Italy, no one else would make me!
You know I only watch boring documentaries!!!
Or movies with Marky Mark.

It's very true.

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12th-Mar-2008 07:33 am - Three cheers!
short hair
Now that daylight savings time has hit (or un-hit?) I'm left in the dark waiting for the bus all over again! This morning, it was snowing big fluffy flakes and I was listening to th soundtrack to Into the Wild by Eddie Vedder. I'm so glad berverse  sent it to me! This means I have to rent the movie this weekend because if she's right about the music kicking ass, then she's probably also right about the movie.

In other news, I took more pregnancy clothes photos yesterday.

I was wearing the same jeans as last time so let's focus on the shirt. It's very cute and light so I don't get too hot. I got it at Zara in Rome in he maternity section but later discovered that they put non-maternity tops there. So it might not fit for all that much longer but by then it will be warmer out. Under it I'm wearing a maternity ribbed undershirt from Old Navy, it's a light teal colour.

21 weeks - 2

21 weeks - 1

Also, this is me in front of the monster snow bank.

snow bank

PS - Kiwi on cereal = good Banana on cereal = good Kiwi AND Banana on cereal = strange tasting

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22nd-Oct-2007 12:40 pm - A meatier post
On Friday Brent and I went to Elgin Street Video to rent some stuff.  Let me know if you've seen any of these and what you thought.

You will find the titles and my thoughts on them below:

Jesus Camp

I had read a lot about this before actually seeing it.  I honestly expected more from it.  I found it really only grazed the surface of the subject matter and was surprised that it was over when the credits started to roll.  What was there was good and was a good way to open dialog on a multitude of topics involving children and religion.

What I like best about this is that it let people speak for themselves.  It doesn't say "this group of christians is nuts" it lets them explain their point of view and let you decide for yourself what you think about it.  However, the editing may affect your perception.

The Devil's Backbone

This movie is in Spanish and has subtitles.  It's supposed to be a scary movie.  Unlike Hollywood horror flicks, this has a realistic and complex story that thakes precedence over gore, special effects and surprise moments.

I really didn't find it scary at all, but I really REALLY liked this movie.  Notably, it has some of the most believable child-acting I've ever seen.  Dakota Fanning is not even close on this one [although I don't find her believable in most cases as she just plays a mini adult]

This movie assumes you now of Spain's history, which I don't really but the synopsis in the above link cleared that all up for me.

Things that this movie has that makes me cherish it:

  • excellent acting - mostly by the children
  • a women with a missing leg with a semi-leading role shown as a totally functioning person (Hollywood would either a- not show it b- make her dependant on others or c- make a caricature of it)
  • interesting special effects, it's visually unlike anything I've seen before but it seems like this style should be more popular
Exorcist III

I fell asleep for the middle part.  I guess that sums that up.

Big Love

I have heard absolute raves about this show.  I rented the first disk that only has the first 2 episodes of Season One because I wanted to see what it was all about and decide if I should buy the first season.  I'm still not sure.

I find it difficult to watch because I keep putting myself in the shoes of the wives and I think that being in that situation would be so very painful.  I can not comprehend being happy in that kind of arrangement.  At the same time, that's exactly what intrigues me about the show.

As I haven't lived it, I can't be sure, but it seems to be very honest.  The impressions so far are as follows:

  • I'm trying to wrap my head around what message is sent when the wives essentially each get 1/3 of a husband, and should be satisfied by that, while the husband needs three women to satisfy him [I'm not talking solely of sexual satisfaction]
  • The relationship between the three women, while strained, seems to be deeper than their individual relationships with the husband
  • So far, it seems like the older kids are suffering from it
  • Maybe it gets out later but I do not understand how the first wife ever came to agreeing to this.  But maybe she was ok with it from the start.  I just don't know.  I'd love to see something on a couple deciding to become polygamists, as it stands with this show, I just don't understand how they got there.
  • Maybe TMI but here it goes; I won't kiss Brent after 'certain things' have happened, I could definitely not imagine kissing him after those things took place with another woman!

And on a completely different note, bands to download to see if I like 'em:

  • Preston School of Industry
  • Cat Power
  • Mission of Burma
  • The Ponys
  • Times New Viking [best name EVER]
26th-Aug-2007 12:09 am - O-P-R-A-H-A-R-P-O
mom hair
So I decided to watch The Color Purple. I won't get into a review any further than "If you haven't seen it, do so."

I found it fairly odd that Oprah's character is married to a man named Harpo, which is the reverse of her name and also the name of her studio. Is that coincidental or what? Google is not helping me with figuring that out.

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24th-Jul-2007 10:14 am - Shortbus
crazy face
On Friday night I watched Shortbus.  I thought it was really great.  This movie has been 'controversial' (or groundbreaking depending on whom you ask) because the sex scenes in it are real.

It's hard to describe how that came off.  It didn't seem like porn.  It didn't seem like Hollywood either.  It wasn't gratuitous. The sex scenes were an integral part of the story, were tastefully shot yet weren't as boring as the manufactured sex scenes in Hollywood films were you typically see the couple from the waist up man on top or the woman bobbing on top of the guy's crotch, all while swathed in sheets like ancient Greeks.

It was real but not raw.

It was not heteronormative.

It was not judgmental. Some characters were more sexually open and some were more demure and that was ok.  In essence, I think it was really about exploring the self and being comfortable with you.  It seems like any problems the characters had were caused by going against their personal natures.  In the end, the sex was secondary to this, like real life I suppose.  Sex is a big part of everyone's life (Are you having it or not? Are you enjoying it?  What do you want out of it?  What does sex mean to you?) although I doubt most people would say it is the primary focus of their lives.

Have any of you seen this movie?
8th-Jul-2007 02:47 pm - I really don't care if you eat meat.
mom hair
Friday night Brent wanted to go see 1408 and I agreed but as we got there I got too worried about seeing it (thanks to cause_i_suck  's review) and we decided we'd make it a rental and go see Sicko instead.

I have to say it was the best film of Michael Moore's I have ever seen.  There wasn't much in the way of his crazy point making (the only one I can think of is his ridiculous attempt to get people treated at Guantanamo by yelling at them through a loud speaker).  Anyways I found it really awesome so I clapped at the end but only one or two other people followed suit.  I think everyone should see it and I can't think of how any sane person could disagree with he points made (unlike other Moore films where he goes overboard and pretty much digs his own hole as far as convincing people to accept his views goes).

After that movie we decided to Rent Roger and Me since neither of us had ever seen it.  I was just sitting on the couch watching the movie when all of a sudden they cut to a scene where a cute little bunny gets clubbed in the head.  Totally no warning at ALL.  I covered my eyes and started bawling.  I can't even remember the last time I felt so traumatized.  Apparently while my eyes were covered the bunny also got gutted.  I seriously doubt I can ever eat meat again. 

I haven't cooked meat in a long time and would order it out rarely or eat it at dinner parties but I just don't know if I can do it anymore.  I smelled hamburgers on a BBQ today and seriously thought I was going to retch.  The smell of cooking meat used to fill me with hunger and now it just bring up horrible slaughter images in my mind.  I really never thought that would happen.

For some reason I think I would be okay with seafood though.

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14th-May-2007 01:28 pm - tootie fruity
So I won 2 passes to a screening of The Waitress at the world exchange theater for tomorrow night (Tuesday) and I can't go because it's at the same time as my sewing class. If anyone wants them let me know as I just need to send you the email with the code.

My lunch time walk today was really nice.  All the apple trees around here are blossoming and it smelled so good and it was raining whie and pink petals.  My apple tree had just sarted to get flower buds and so it should smell great in a couple days.

I'm pretty excited. naughty_bride  is coming to town in LESS THAN WO WEEKS! This was totally out of the blue and makes me SOOOOO happy. I figure we will eat and be drunk and play with dogs. Basically, no real plans.

Two weeks after that, Brent and I are going to Halifax so he can hang out with all his old friends that he got back in touch with through Facebook. I plan on eating about 5 donairs and 8 lobsters and then coming home vowing to never eat again. I'm sure it'll wreck my insides since I rarely eat meat but you can't NOT eat seafood and donairs while in Halifax.

I hope we go back to Peggy's Cove.

Another point of excitement is that Kerry and Jay (the folks who masterminded the meeting between Brent and I) bought their dreamhouse and will be movng in to it in August. I'm fairly jealous. It's on the water, has THREE WALNUT TREES, a maple tree that can be tapped, a huge yard and the house was built in the mid 1800's

This brings us back to the idea of my cottage and selling it to buy our "we'll never move again" house. It looks like there is no way that I can break the lease with the current tenant in any way that will make me happy. It's been suggested that I divide the porperty and give him half but I'd rather wait and sell both halves to anyone on the planet other than him. The lease ends in 7 years which is ok since property values in that area will go up at a higher rate than those here.

I had an agent go out to the property and inspect/evaluate it. If I were to sell today (which I can not) I could buy a house which is of twice the value of the one we currently live in and have nothing to pay except property taxes and utilities. I'm pretty sure my plan will be to sell in 7 years, give ourselves a budget of 75% of the sell price of the cottage to buy a new house, including any rennovations that need to be made (or less if it works out that way) and invest the rest. Then I would surely only work part-time because Brent's current salary alone would be enough for all our other expenses. So a little supplement with a part-time job would keep things fair.

So this is my seven year plan. It'ss be funny to see what REALLY happens.

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10th-Apr-2007 04:19 pm - Cranium, Photos, Dog Stuff etc.
you're in trouble
Movies watched over the long weekend:

  1. The Burbs
    • Funny as always
  2. Stranger than Fiction
    • Original plot
    • Has a plot!
    • Sweet funny moments
    • Brings up ethical issues with regards to creativity
  3. All Quiet on the Western Front
    • The acting was cheesy, as all of it was at the time
    • I went to bed after the first half hour
  4. The OH in Ohio
    • Sweet
    • Short
    • Surprinsing ending
    • Funny
    • Full of orgasms
So as I said, we went to the War Museum on Saturday.I took some photos but not of the general exhibits because I find that annoying.

From Outside

From Inside

Toilet Water

Painted Hulls 4

Painted Hulls 3

Painted Hulls 2

Painted Hulls 1

Later that night, Barb and Pat came over to try and beat us at Cranium. How silly! We are unstoppable!

First we got everything set up...

Cranium Competition

The King Pat made a huge mess with the clay and just sat back sipping his drink while Brent and Barb cleaned it up.

Pat"s Big Mess

After that I stopped taking photos because I was attacked by a mob of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Bernie is freaking hormonal. We are coming close to that time where his nuts need to be removed. I can tell because he keeps humping Tyrone. Tyrone looks ashamed every time. He also tries to hump/kill the cat which is terribly uncool. To give her some respite and to save the carpet from the evils of dog pee, I caved and got a baby gate. I tried to get the least ugly one possible and ended up with this.

doggy gate

I still need to take the cardboard off of the front.

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19th-Jan-2007 11:07 am - Leaving for Montreal after work!
I remember watching Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves as a kid.  More specifically, I remember Morgan Freeman being referred to as a "painted man" and thinking that it referred to his freckles and how I must be painted too.  Only now do I realize that it meant his overall skin colour.

I forgot to stay up to watch Colbert vs. O'reilly last night.  Anybody know where I can watch it?


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14th-Jan-2007 02:38 pm - ouch
Last night we watched Talladega Nights and Little Miss Sunshine in that order.  I think the first was pretty awful.  Really.  I chuckled perhaps twice in a movie that obviously wants you in stitches the entire time.  It pretty muched sucked.

I guess that made the second movie seem that much better.  Like...what do you say to the guy who failed at killing himself when he's at your dining table?  Huh? HUH??? 

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