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2nd-Mar-2011 12:36 pm - This story starts with desserts.
Last Thursday I had a couple of girlfriends over with their babies for coffee and treats. The day before I had made two pineapple upside down cakes and the meringue bases for pavlovas. Then that morning I made whipped cream and topped them with blueberries. My stand mixer motivated me to do these things. It really made it easy although I wish I had two bowls for it so that I didn't have to wash it so often during the process.

The cake

The Topping

Pineapple upside down cake #1 of 2 cooling before the flip.

After the flip

The pavlova



The whole time they were over I was getting so... "OMG I want my baby to come out! Look at your babies!!! I want mine tooooo!" Around 11 am, I felt like some things were going on in my belly but nothing major and I brushed it off.  By early evening, I was SURE something was going on but since everything was going so gradually, I didn't think it was going to happen anytime soon.

I took a gravol and went to bed to chit chat with Brent before falling asleep and hopefully waking up refreshed in the morning and ready to give birth.  But what ACTUALLY happened? Brent was in bed and was talking about how tired and exhausted he was and how he had so much to do and how many people were depending on him for various things.  About 20 minutes in to this conversation I was well aware that I would not be sleeping through these contractions and I was debating how I could possibly tell Brent since he was having a BAD NIGHT.

By about 11:30 we decided it was time to get a move on. There was no pretending this away until morning.  Since bobby was asleep, we called my mom to come stay over at our house so he didn't have to be disturbed. Then we called the midwife and the doula to meet us at the hospital. We left as soon as my mom arrived and got to the hospital at 12:30 am.

I got assessed and if I remember correctly (I probably don't) I was at around 3-4cm. Denise, my midwife became the militant walking enforcer and made sure I kept moving around even though all I wanted to do was go to sleep. I made Brent cook me up some toast with peanut butter and I ate that between contractions. We stayed in that assessment room for about 2 hours before I was admitted into a birthing room.

This is the only photo taken during the labour. I'm having a contraction and squatting on the floor while Charmaine (my doula) rubbed my back.

Having a contraction

Once we got to the birth room ALL I wanted to do was get in the tub but Denise said no! How maniacal! She attended Bobby's birth so she knows I can labour quickly and didn't want me to relax just yet. My water had still not broken. During this time I decided the best way to deal with contractions was to hang all my weight off of Brent's neck. He didn't even complain! Trooper indeed. Finally Denise agreed that I could go in the tub and I agreed to having her break my water first. I DID NOT enjoy that. Breaking the water was ok actually but then she checked my cervix right after and you know what? I fucking hate having my cervix checked. It sucks. You have to lay still and all I wanted to do was bolt. I'm pretty sure I was yelling "Please stop!" But really it had to be done. I THINK at this point I was 6cm but again, I was focused on other things.

I then went in to the tub. There I leaned my forehead against the side and made weird noises (ask Brent, he can detail them for you) for quite some time. Then I GLORIOUSLY puked and puked and puked. Brent actually was able to stay in the next room during this. I filled about 3 pans plus got some in the water. I think at this time I also pooped in the tub. I was unaware of it but Brent said he saw one in there when I got out and I can't think of any other time where I would not have noticed that happening.

Shortly after that, still in the tub, I was pretty sure I had to push. But really, I didn't. REALLY what I felt during those contractions was the urge to flee. so I assumed I wanted to flee off to the pushing but I hopped on the bed, tried pushing once and it hurt and was just not right. This caused another cervical check and it sadly was not time.

This labour was so different than Bobby's There was so much early labour that I kept thinking I must be done because of how much time went by and because of how tired I was and because of how much more powerful this felt than with Bobby.  With Bobby, there was only one time where I 'gave up'. I think I gave up about 5 times during this labour. I was too focused on the end result rather than focusing on facilitating what was happening right then.

Denise lifted the end of the bed to be like a big chair and had me on hands and knees. This is when I felt a big change. Holy shit. This was way more intense than it had ever been with Bobby and I could tell that things were getting going. No one was allowed to touch me or talk to me other than quiet reassurances now and then. Poor Charmaine must have felt like she was useless but I guess what I need most of all during labour is a captive audience that will give me sips of juice whenever I want. I remember grinding my head into the back of the bed as well as actually BITING the mattress.

Finally, my body just decided to push. There was no urge, I didn't try, my body just did it and did it violently. With Bobby I felt like I controlled the pushing but this time I felt like it was just happening and I KNEW it was too hard/fast and I was having a hard time controlling it so I didn't destroy my crotch. I don't think the pushing took very long but it felt like ages. The head came out. Normally after this happens, the baby shimmeis and turns it shoulders and slides out but apparently, Molly came out like a football player of some type (I don't know the positions) and was determined to just push right through whatever was in her way.

Brent later told me I had 'screaming baby crotch' which is when the head it out, and making noise, but the rest is still inside. Isn't that horrifying? I didn't even notice. Out she came at 5:39 am and Brent cut the cord.  Brent stayed for a bit then went home so that he could be there when Bobby woke up and to take him to daycare.  This is when they did all the measurements. 7lbs 7oz, 21.5" long and a bunch of other details I don't remember. I live tweeted that info.

I had to get stitches. I don't know how many. All I know is that it was a mild 2nd degree tear. I opted to get some laughing gas for the freezing part. The needles are not fun but the gas was pretty ok. They should just pump the birth room full of that I think. I didn't feel the stitched go in too much but now... WHOOO BABY!

Then I nursed her for an HOUR. (Bobby did not latch that well for 3 days!) and napped until Brent came back to get us. We left the hospital for home at about 8:30 am and I wanted an egg mc muffin so we went through the drive through to get one.

Yeah so that's the birth story. It felt pretty brutal and there were moments where I fully understood why women get epidurals. If only every birth were like Bobby's, the world would be a better place. I'll post more about how Bobby has reacted to the arrival of his baby sister during his monthly update post. For now, here are some photos.

Just home from the hospital

Presenting Molly Rocket

Sleeping while mommy is still wired

2 days old

Maximum Pink

Poop machine

4 days old

Molly 4 days

Molly 4 days

Molly 4 days

Proud big brother

Bobby holds Molly for the first time

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23rd-Feb-2011 08:51 am - meh
I'm still pregnant.

I'm still not working.

I'm still pretty sore all over so getting out and doing things, or doing a lot around the house, is difficult.

I'm tired of watching tv or refreshing my feeds to soo if anything new has come up.

I obviously need more social interaction (other than phone calls) but I ALSO really like not getting dressed. This is mostly because I'm so huge and putting on anything that isn't sweat pant like is terrible uncomfortable.

I have an art project in the works and that's going well but I can only do so much in a day before I need a mental break. Otherwise I start to get sloppy.

Maybe I'll go get some things and bake a cake then eat the whole thing and take a nap.

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20th-Feb-2011 04:08 pm - The downfalls of pregnancy
Here is a list of all the ailments I've had during this pregnancy.

In order of appearance:

Terrible depression
Strep thoat
Terrible 3 week yeast infection caused by antibiotics to treat strep throat
Excruciating hip pain
Crazy heart burn
Mysterious lung infection which caused terrible coughing for 2 months
Terrible 3 week yeast infection caused by antibiotics to treat mysterious lung infection
Pink eye
Cold sore
Excruciating pain on pelvic bone
Crazy rib pain
Sexual difficulties
A cold
Round ligament pain
Some kind of vomiting, diarrhea illness
Crippling pain in my back due to some kind of 'injury' putting a jug of water in the fridge, where Brent actually had to carry me around the house while I sobbed in pain
A cold and cold sore combo

Someone send this list to all women having unprotected sex.

{EDIT} I don't like being pregnant but I love my kid(s)!!!

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19th-Jan-2011 08:56 am - I guess it's official?
you're in trouble
I haven't been to work in almost 2 weeks.  I've been sent home by the doctor at the walk in clinic when I was too dizzy to even sit up and my own prenatal care team has recommended that I stay home due to pelvic issues (not serious but it's made worse by sitting at a desk or standing much which basically rules out being at work).

I find I can do about one task a day, MAYBE two, before being completely wiped. Do today's task is clean the kitchen! And if I'm up to it, make banana waffles.  I try to get out once a day to stay sane but that's not always possible. I'm up for visits!

The plus side of all this is that, even though I can't do much at a time, I feel like I'm actually preparing for this baby, which I never got the chance to do with Bobby since he was born right before I was about to start my planned nesting vacation.  I've already made and frozen some muffins and burritos. I've put together half the nursery furniture (we lost some pieces to the other stuff and they need to be found at a hardware store HOPEFULLY). I got some stuff framed so some of the walls are less bare. Stuff like that. It's nice.

So I've sent in my extended leave paperwork and emailed the right people but I haven't really heard back from anyone.  I guess if there was a problem they'd be calling me and saying stuff like "Why aren't you at work?"

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17th-Jan-2011 02:04 pm - rah rah
This past Friday Sara came over to do a maternity photo session with me. I'm not too clear on why this happened / was free. I'll blame pregnancy brain and go with it. It was super fun and relaxed. We tried a few different things and laughed about some stuff and just had a generally good time.

Here are my favorite shots. You can check out some of hers right here.

Standing amongst our wedding photos
With the wedding photos

Checking my email
Checking my email

Being awesome in general (AKA OMG my hands are so veiny! But I already knew that)
Being a rock star
modesty cutCollapse )

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10th-Jan-2011 04:11 pm - nunya!
I always assume that people do not want kids and are not trying to get pregnant unless they tell me otherwise.  I guess this is why I got so offended when people would ask me about my spawning plans.  How is that any of YOUR business??? If you were close enough to me that I would want you to know, I would have told you!

On the behalf of everyone who isn't currently pregnant, I'm annoyed.

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7th-Jan-2011 11:26 am - The Great Freezer Project
two shirts
Yesterday was the 2 month's 'till Molly is 'scheduled' to come mark. It was eventful!

I was at work sitting in my desk chair and was just getting dizzier and dizzier. It got to the point where I thought I was going to faint so a coworker walked me down the the clinic to get checked out. My blood pressure and glucose levels checked out normal but the doctor detected a faint heart murmur which is unrelated to the dizzyness so I have to get an ultrasound down to check on my heart. I'm not concerned. I got sent home for the dizziness with a 2-day note and was told to come back on Monday if things were the same or worse. So there is a POSSIBILITY that I will be off on medical leave for a while since apparently the possibility of a pregnant woman passing out all over the place at work is not so good.

So I'm home now lying on the couch, surfing the web, watching movies and folding laundry.  I could probably do some work from home but I'm not set up for it.

This has gotten me to thinking of something that I was only going to tackle in the couple of weeks before my mat leave; premade meals in my deep freeze. Right now i's totally empty. It was left here when we moved in and I want to fill it with healthy things that will make life easier for when I have a little baby to stare at all day. I want to have a good variety. Making pasta dishes is easy, but I don't want ONLY that so here is what I have in mind so far;
  • Penne with mushrooms and zucchini in a sauce made of mostly roasted red pepper, tomatoes and garlic
  • Banana muffins
  • A variety of fruit filled waffles
  • Vegetarian lasagna
  • Burritos
  • Quiches

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30th-Dec-2010 08:52 am - How will I deal with the change?
The morning routine I have going with Bobby has become pretty sweet.  Wake up (time depends on him) and come downstairs after a bit of bed snuggling. I get his breakfast ready while he struggles to take off his pants and diaper. I bring his food into the living room and he eats his breakfast sitting on the potty and watching kid shows.

Then I make myself a half-caf cappuccino, grab a pear and settle in on the sofa with my laptop.

Considering he sits there for an HOUR before MAYBE going potty, I don't know how we'll incorporate this into our day once the holidays are over *sad face*

Also yesterday I got all OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME WE ARE GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER KID IN THE HOUSE? HOW ARE WE GOING TO SURVIVE THAT? Likely that was brought to you by the fact that Bobby had been up since 4:30 am and as a result, so were Brent and I.

Now back to my yummy coffee. (as an aside, I often say yummy when I MEAN delicious because I find that word way overused but yummy seems so... childish. Dear human thesauruses, what's another word that would be appropriate?)

Completely unrelated:

Some photos I took over the past while I haven't put up:

I really want this clock but I'm scared I would hate it in 6 months.
I want this clock

When Jess and Tania and I went to the Ottawa Cupcake Camp we were eating out treats out at a picnic table and then spotted 5 dead birds all under an overhead pedestrian bridge covered in glass.
A flock of dead birds

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26th-Nov-2010 08:12 am - This just happened
***Disclaimer: I am bringing up race/country of origin because the person I was speaking with brought it up, not because I think it really changes what happened here.  I think my... reaction... would be the same no matter who this encounter was with.***

I was walking from the bus stop to my work and listening to a podcast of Q (Jian vs. Douglas Copeland) and I was about half way there were a young man (maybe early 20's) said something to me.  I stopped and thought he was asking directiongs because that happens a lot. I turned off the podcast and he asked:

Are you pregnant?

Is anybody helping you?
Umm. Well my husband...

Oh ok. I don't mean any offense. You see, I'm Somalian and we just... care about people. So when we see a pregnant woman we wonder "Where's the man? Is he helping?"...
Oh I get that I guess. Well my husband is on his way to work and so am I.  Have a nice day!

I just found that an odd conversation to have with someone, completely out of nowhere, on the street.  It wasn't unpleasant. The guy was very nice, and I would even say jubilant. It makes me wonder what would have happened had I said there was no one around to help me out.

So far in pregnancy I've had two kinds of encounters with people (other than friends and family)

1- People treating me like I'm public property because I'm in the midst of spawning. This includes touching me without my consent, asking me personal questions that even my closest friends don't ask me etc.

2- People completely ignoring the fact that I'm pregnant. I know THEY didn't choose to get me pregnant for example, but completely ignoring it and treating me like I'm not pregnant at all when in fact, I am, is weird.  I can't do all the things I could when not pregnant.  So you know, you didn't knock me up, but you could give me your seat on the bus, or hold open a door for me, or offer to help me lift something into my car. Me being pregnant affects who I am right now.

So this was refreshing, since it falls into neither of those categories.  It was acknowledging my pregnancy, and checking in to see if I was doing ok. Instead of prying into my sex life, or motivations for having a child or just straight up rubbing my belly because that's... fun???

So all in all, I think this was a positive exchange even though I find it strange.

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13th-Sep-2010 12:19 pm - Annoying stuff
Friday I got into it a little with an off-duty bus driver. You can read the details here.  It's really fucking annoying that this happened.  I was so mad after I got off the bus that my arms were shaking.  I hate this stupid kind of shit and as Brent *kindly* put it, it's not possible for me to not say anything.

I find it kind of sad that this is a quality of myself that I really like and that Brent really dislikes. But I HAVE toned it down... I no longer tell random passerby that spits on the sidewalk that they are disgusting. But I DO tell lazy assholes to move their shopping carts out of the CHEKOUT LANES when they are leaving the store.  (I say it nicely too... "Excuse me! You forgot your cart *smile*)

In other annoyances, why are all v-neck maternity tops obscenely low cut? Really. Do YOU know any pregnant ladies that are ever too cold and want to wear an undershirt under their long sleeve tees? Me neither but alas, if I don't my boob will literally fall out of my shirt and onto the floor.

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