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7th-Mar-2010 03:24 pm - God's naked hugs.
When we were in So You're Getting Married in a Catholic Church School, one of the classes was the one about birth control and sexy times.  It was explained to us that using something like a condom on a penis is a physical barrier between God and the intimacy of your marriage (or something like that).

So now I wonder; Should I remove all my clothes when I hug my loved ones (friends and family) so that they don't get in God's way?

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When I was in grade school, like, 3rd through 5th grades, I was enamored with Judaism. I totally wanted to be Jewish and the entire time I was in Catholic school. I don't even know why. I'm pretty sure my knowledge of Judaism is fairly rudimentary. I guess the life of a jew seemed so much fuller than mine.

Here's a list of things I would think about:
  • the special foods (bagels, latkes, unleavened bread)
  • Montreal
  • passover
  • gaudy jewelry
  • Moses and his people
  • dreidels
  • Hebrew school and using hebrew for dramatic effect in conversation
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5th-Feb-2008 07:29 am - I really wonder....
eats pie some people can take each and every word of the bible so literally when they aren't even reading it in the language it was written...

With any book, the person translating it has to use their judgment and make certain decisions and concessions on how best to convey something that doesn't translate well. To take a translation as the literal word of God is ludicrous to me since that is really the word of man, and thus, the person would then be worshiping a false idol and, if the 10 commandments have any truth to them, going to hell.

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3rd-Dec-2006 12:07 pm(no subject)
We bought out first snow shovels!


'The Truth' seems to be some kind of Christan-American branding scheme to me.  It's a term I have never heard in reference to religion except on American television and in some journals/blogs.  I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school for 12 years and never have I heard this term.

I don't think that there is 'One True Religion' and that all others are condemned to a hellish eternity.  It just seems so arrogant to me.  I think a spiritual connection to 'god' is a personal thing that comes from within regardless of religious tenets.

Anyways, fondue night was awesome.  Cheese fondue followed by broth fondue (using Knorr vegetable broth = AWESOME) and THEN followed by chocolate fondue.  It was great but a bit much for 4 people.

I got to hold the cutest baby in the world who started off by sleeping on my lap, then molseting my boobs, then eating my sweater, then using me as a trampoline.  It was awesome!  It didn't help Brent's baby fever at all....

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12th-Nov-2006 02:12 pm(no subject)
I came accross these images in a canadian politics community I'm in. They are put out by the United Church and the website brings you to discussion forums for the various topics.

What do you think of them as a whole and individually?

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two shirts
Friday 6:30-9:00

There were 3 segments to this.  The first was absolutely awful.  It was a woman of about my age talking about the benefits of hiring a wedding planner.  It was her fist time doing this talk and she was obviously grossly un-prepared because her reasons were to 1- Avoid your crazy relatives and 2- Because it's a good idea. Ummm...okay sure moving along!

We then had a panel of three couples who had been maried for varying lenths of time and had varying numbers of children.  This was generally interesting. The Father would ask them questions like how they deal with disagreements, children, romance through years of mariage etc and each couple was unique in their answers.  The best part was that there was no 'right' answer.  Each couple told us what worked for them and that's really what it's all about isn't it?  Finding out how to work together as a couple.

The last presenter was Sonny, a friend of heartovmidnight.  He was doing the talk on finances and he was definitely the best presenter of the night.  He gave a general overview of easy ways to creat, manage and maintain a budget to stay out of dept etc.  He was interesting and entertaining and I felt he made good use of the time he was presenting to us.  We definitely took the information he gave us seriously.

Aside - Actually, last night we worked through our income, our debt and realised that we are digging ourselves quite a hole lately with all the house and wedding related purchases that we've been putting on credit.  So we came up with a plan that will have all our non-mortgage debt gone in 2 years, but we'll be living pretty lean until then.

Saturday 9:00-5:00

Given the way the course finished off the night before, we were pretty eager about Saturday.  Everything so far was much more interesting than we had anticipated.

First the Father and the organist went over was goes on in the ceremony and what parts we are free to change etc.  We then went up to the pews and listened to the organist preform several pieces, some with a vocalist and some with a trumpet and based on that, Brent and I made our ceremony music selections.  I chose "Prince of Denmark" for my walking song but he didn't like it because he doesn't want to marry a prince.  We switched that for the recessionnal. I loved that song.

Another one was called Rondeau by Muret but we dubbed it "BurgerKing" because it seems like a song the Burger King would enjoy.  We are not using that one.

Then we had a segment title "Family of Origin" in which a psychologist explained how your relationship with your immediate family is a huge indicator of how you will behave in relationship to your spouse.  For instance, a woman is likely to treat her husband in the same manner she treats her father.

This presenter was excellent and he wins the "Saturday's best presenter Prize".  He told good jokes to keep people with it and he prepared an excercise that actually got Brent and I to discover more about each other and what we expect vs what we need and can give to each other.  his information was just as useful as the financial information.

Then we went for lunch. We opted out of the pizza lunch with all the other folks and got brunch at a nearby pub.

When we got back it all went downhill.

There was a couple in charge of the next 2 segments.  The first being Natural Family Planning and the second being Communication.

1- This segment went WAY TOO LONG.  They were beating a dead horse with a basic biology class (without pictures) and didn't move on to more like how to decide when and how many children to have etc.  The husband kept trying to make jokes but they were lame and mostly consisted of him wiggling his eyebrows suggesively.  The wife said "kind of thing" and "whatever" so often that it made her seem like she had no idea what she was talking about.

2- This was something that has been covered in every year of my education from highschool through college.  I was really dissapointed in their presentation because it was all anecdotal and I felt like I had a much deeper understanding of the topic than they did (even though my understanding as far as reasearch etc is not that deep at all).  I think if they had the presenter from the mornig do this topic as well, it would have been much more usefull.  Everyone around us spent the entire time doodling, mocking the presenters and and trying to nap.  For real.

After them, the father talked about the spirituality of marriage.  A secular version of this would be a talk of a deep connection between partners.  He is a very good speaker and he literally brought tears to my eyes.  He also brought tears to his OWN eyes!  He became a priest late in life so he knows what fgoes down in 'reality' and he knows how to talk to people about it in such a deep way that words can not describe it.

We finished off the night by getting diplomas and the father shook our hands as he gave them out and he seemed genuinely proud of all of us.  

He is a very sweet man and I'm so happy he is the one marrying us.

Stay tuned for What a weekend: Part 2 - The Surprise shower
24th-Aug-2006 08:47 pm - My beliefs on the path of the 'soul'.
An overview which does not contain the reasons I have come to these beliefs.

The soul originally starts off somwhere...wherever it gets created I suppose and then is born into your body.  This soul is comepletely fresh and innocent. A new soul.  Thoughout your life, there are always many paths you can take, and the new paths change depending on the previous ones you have chosen.  

This is apparent isn't it?  You can work it out by going backwards.  For example, how I met Brent.

Met Brent though a friend from college.
Chose my college program because an interviewer was taking it part-time and it sounded cool.
Was getting interviewed because I needed more money than my previous job.
Needed more money because I had to make rent.
etc etc.  So if I go backwards down the line, I can see how my life choices affect my current outcome.

So your intuition and your soul help you to interpret the synchronicities in life.  When you are very in tune with this, it helps you to become the best person you can be and to fulfil your life's purpose. (Sort-of existentialist, except with a purpose)  A relatable example of this is making mistakes, and learning from them to enhance your future decisions.

Then you die.  Chances are, your soul didn't have enough practise at guiding you and even though you both tried your best, you just haven't reached that level of enlightement.  So your dead-soul gets to learn all the reasoning behind your earthly life and it gets all wowed about how everything is all interconnected like it's all a part of a really big blanket and if you pull on a corner, everything moves and if some horrible thing happens and a thread breaks, well, it all starts to unravel... 

So then your soul has this knowledge, and returns to a new body.  At this point, it still has all its memories from its old life.  This is the period between your birth and your first memory. You can read about my first memory HERE.

Once you have your new sense of consiousness, you don't remember your soul's previous life but it's ability to guide you and to read the syncronicities has enhanced and this can push you further than previously.  You read the hints life gives you and make better choices etc.

So this cycle continues until your soul has reached its full potential.  Now to me, this means that you become compassionate and you can fully appreciate how everything you do affects all other things and how all other things affect you. You realise that the good of the 'whole' is the most important thing because putting your selfish needs first not only hurts the whole, but in the end, yourself, as you are an integral part of the whole.  Not only to you realise it, but you live it.  I suppose this is similar to Buddhism and enlightenment, but I think that all people sort of plod along these lines regardless of their religion of choice.  I mean, all religions have the similar foundations "do the right thing" and "help others before you help yourself"

So anyways, the soul becomes fully enlightened and that total knowledge is my own personal concept of 'heaven'.

These are my beliefs based on what I have experienced in 25 years of life.  Only in the last few years has this really 'solidified' into what you read here.  This is pretty much a casual description of my beliefs anyhow and they are generally quite fluid so that my beliefs change and adapt and life reveals more to me.  For me, it's about defining my spiritual beliefs around my life instead of difining my life by my spiritual beliefs. 

So yes, I believe in God in the sense of a prime mover  who also instills souls with what they need to interpret the world.  I don't believe god grants prayers in the literal sense, but I believe in the power of intention.  I believe that heaven is a state of supreme enlightenment yet not a physical place.  I mean, a soul is not a psysical body so it doesn't need a physical place right?

In case you can't tell, I've sort of mish-mashed this post together over several different writing sessions so if it doesn't flow... tough!

17th-Aug-2006 12:29 pm - Are we already in hell?
mom hair
I found THIS POST regarding people's ideas of hell and afterlife etc. pretty interesting.

I've been contemplating a post about my beliefs regarding this for a while but whenever I think of it, there are so many factors.  It would be a very long post, detailing the reasons why I believe the things I do and many of you would probably die trying to read it all.

But still, I think it would be good for me to lay out, if only to identify and solidify my beleifs for myself.  But then again, I like to keep my beleif relatively fluid.  I mean, who am I to say that I KNOW the correct way to be spiritual?

So what are your beliefs regarding the afterlife?  Or to make it easier, here are some specific questions.

1- What do you think will happen to you when you die?  
2- What do you think happens to bad people when they die?  
3- Can a person be through and through evil?
4- What do you think happens when a 'good person' who is an athiest dies?
5- Do you think different things happen to the dead of different religions?
6- What are your thoughts on reincarnation?

Feel free to expand on any and all of this.  I'll start working onmy mammoth post...
27th-Jul-2006 12:50 pm - There goes my religion...
mom hair
I've lost my sense that everything is interconnected.  I hate that.  It made me feel good about everything...even bad stuff.  I still *know* it but I don't *feel* it.


How to you get an intangible sense back into your life?
2nd-Jun-2006 10:07 am - I'm finally a Pirate Bride!
Everyone in my department has gone to the funeral of the father of the secretary.  I didn't go because I'm not the type to go to the funeral of someone I haven't met, unless that person was of high importance to someone I'm rather close to.  I'm not really close to the secretary.

Yesterday's shopping trip was long and somewhat fruitful.  Many of the popular styles make me look like I just popped out a kid and am lactating.  Low cute and form fitting on the boobs with an empire waist and a loose flowing body.  Seriously. Tit city.

I bought three things (in two hours! Oh how I wish that things I like were back in style!):

1- A teal t-shirt that's practically long enough to wear as a dress, but not quite. (and no I will not wear them with tights thankyouverymuch)

2-A short sleeved sil/cotton blend dress shirt from Mexx that miraculously buttons over my twin beasts without a peep-show.  

3-A cool retro-ish shark covered dress from g-sus  but I still need to get shoes to go with it. I'm thinking flat bronze mules.

So after work I'm on the hunt for the perfect shoes, then when I get home it's time to pack away fall/winter clothes and deciding if there's stuff I don't want anymore.  Anything I don't want will be donated but if anyone here is interested, I can post pics and let you ladies have first pick.

Here;s a snippet of an article I found slightly interesting to read.  It's not anything I haven't thought of or talked about before, but whatever.

Thoughtful Americans [my addition: Not just Americans but whatever!] have long wondered how it is that fundamentalist Christians--followers of someone who preached pacifism and tolerance--became the poster boy for hate speech, touting "moral values" indistinguishable from those of the Taliban.Thoughtful Americans have long wondered how it is that fundamentalist Christians--followers of someone who preached pacifism and tolerance--became the poster boy for hate speech, touting "moral values" indistinguishable from those of the Taliban.  Read more...
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