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26th-Feb-2008 12:05 pm - A few various topics...
Today is ultrasound day so I'm currently chugging along on my water bottle which I will not be allowed to excrete for 2.5 hours (assuming the ultrasound takes 0.5 hours). Hopefully we'll get photos this time!

Here's something I was wondering about recently.

Suppose all people have the same number of nerve endings (which is what I believe to be true even though I have no reason to believe this). Then, imagine two hands. One is 4 inches top to bottom and the other is 7. If they both have the same number of nerve endings, then the bigger one would have less overall sensation as there would be more 'empty' space with no nerve endings. Correlate that to penis size... Wouldn't a smaller one be preferable?

But then again, maybe the number of nerve endings have to do with overall surface area...

Is there a biologist in the house?

I think the cravings are starting.

The other day I got this taste-memory that I knew was from my early childhood. My mom was not the best cook. She made about 5 different things and sometimes rotated them, and sometimes made the same thing for what seemed like days on end.

Anyway, I suddenly remembered this one thing and HAD to have it. So I did.

Spaghetti with plain Bravo brand pasta sauce mixed in to make a light to medium coating. Then top with one to two tablespoons of butter and let melt over top. Now I know it was delicious to me at the time, but I also know this is not a yummy meal most of the time.

I also had a craving for Kraft Dinner "Deluxe" which is the kind with the 'better' noodles and the Cheeze Whiz instead of powdered cheese flavouring.

So here's my question:

What kind of things do you crave that would never normally make it into a discussion about foodiness?  You know, your favorite 'trashy eats'....

Today is </a></b></a>lola_70 's birthday!

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