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On Meat

When I got pregnant with Molly I started eating meat again just because I really really wanted to. At first it was a more acute interest int he holiday birds, then it was bacon and recently I've added in limited quantities of beef. The idea of putting dead animal parts in my mouth no longer repulses me enough to keep me from doing it. I really don't understand how this happened but I do find myself craving meat lately so... *shrug*
I still have no interest in seafood

On Friendships

This weekend I traveled to attend the wedding of my oldest friend, with whom I have had a strange 'estrangement' over the past few years. During the ceremony, I was overcome with sadness from missing this person from my life. I took part in communion and felt a surge that convinced me that I would do whatever was needed to heal this friendship by the end of the day.   The opportunity presented itself later on in the evening and I'm very excited and I'm very happy that my friendship with this person was hovering between Pause and Slow Motion instead of being totally scrapped and we can just continue on from here. Both of us a little wiser and with more empathy and caring.

On Dogs

While away this weekend we stayed with my sister in law who has a very cute Shitsu Yorkie mix which ALMOST has me convinced that I like dogs more than I've previously admitted. This little dog has the no-shed advantage over our dogs.  Sadly, this morning we discovered that Tyrone has some sort of injury or something.  He yelps if touched between his shoulders and will not go down stairs if there are more than 2.  He will go up them but only very slowly. We'll give it a day or so to see if he improves and if not, off to the vet we go.

On Weight

I have 13 lbs to lose to get to my pre-baby weight.  This weight in not some kind of unrealistic fantasy, it is the weight that I most consistently have been since I've reached this height. It is right in the middle of the healthy weight chart for my height and bone structure. It's the weight where all my clothes fit me.  I know the kind of diet I need to maintain in order to achieve this weight quickly and healthily, but I'm not motivated to do it since I'm still losing weight (albeit slowly) with this terrible diet I've been maintaining due to all the breastfeeding I've been doing.

On Breastmilk

I have a ton, as I did with Bobby. Although this time, I've actually found a donor for my surplus! I'm very happy to be able to help a family out with what would likely have been wasted.

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 And here are some of them.

This one I just took 5 minutes ago.  I didn't blowdry after my shower tonight and this is what happened.  It usually doen't look this good but it got tousled more than usual because... well, that's not important.

This is what happens when I don't blow dry

How can I harness this natural curling power for good looking hair?  I mean... it often just look slike a totaly fucking rat's nest if I don't blowdry but there is total curl potential!

This?  This happened at work on Thursday and then moments later he was RIPPED FROM MY LOVING ARMS!  

My new best friend

Imagine if you found this in your house on easter morning at the tender age of 6.  Fucking euphoria right?  I dread the fact that I now know where to get one of these and that I may feel the urge to to get one for 'Bobby' in the coming years.

In other OMG that's nuts news, my sister turned 40 on Friday.  40!!!  Here she is reading Tyrone and Bernie a bedtime story.

Laura reads the dogs a bed time story

I shot this when she was down the other week. She came to be my house frau while Brent was on a work trip. I give her a B- because she slept in until 2:30 and there were no cookies in the oven OR martini in my hand when I got home from work.

Happy Birthday House Frau!!!

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12th-Aug-2009 07:52 pm - Vacation day three
Today was a doggy kind of day.  After lazing at home, enjoying a wonderful decaf or two and hanging some laundry to dry out back, I took the dogs out to the car.  

A few weeks ago I bought them doggy sealt belt harnesses.  Mostly because one of them (who shall not be named, but is rather goat-like) can not sit still in the car and I'm afraid that if the dogs and Bobby were in the car at the same time (hasn't happened yet) that Bobby would be trampled.  This same dog has some anxiety about car travel.  With the seat belt, they can still move around a little but they are generally kept in place.

I got them buckled in and off we went to the groomer's where they got mani-pedis. They don't seem to enjoy it as much as I do.  While they were there, a black pug named Winston came in. His fur was so soft!  I think black pugs are generally less coarse.  He was really cute.  There was also a little puppy that made me remember how I ended up with a second goat-dog.  They are tricksy!

After the spa, we headed over to naughty_bride 's for a doggy meet and greet.  She's benevolently dog-sitting for 2 nights for us next week and we wanted to dogs to meet each other before they are forced to share living space.  It went really well, Willy showed off how loud he can be (very impressive) and Tyrone and Bernie showed off how much urine they can expel (more than you'd think). There were a few tense moments but once everyone decided on a hierarchy, and what items were not to be touched by visiting dogs, peace was at hand.  I think the popcorn helped.

Today was also the last day of Bobby's time at this day care. To thank the women caring for him (as far as I can guess, there were about 5 regulars) I brought in the cookies I made last night and some jars of bubbles.

A brief overview of the reasons why we left this day care:
-they do not provide vegetarian meal options and feel scraping off the meat is adequate
-I bring in cloth diapers. As such, I can see how often Bobby was changes and how soiled the diapers are. I needed to remind them, more than once, how often diapers need to be changed.
-when I would change his diaper at home, after picking him up from daycare, it sometimes looked like the person had put it on with their eyes closed and I can't imagine he was very comfortable
-the price OH MY GOD the price
-many different care takers
-a new building is being built next door and the construction is RIGHT NEXT to the play yard

That said there were lots of good things about it. They spoke French to him all day long. He got to do arts and crafts every day (although at times I was skeptical about how much of the work he had done himself). He's come out of his shell a lot and doesn't need my by him at all times. He's made some friends. It's obvious the people there cared about him and took good care of him.

Where is he going now?

Well, for the next week and a half he'll be with me, at home and on day trips to places like the Toronto Zoo (next Tuesday for whomever wants to join). After that he'll be going to the home of a WONDERFUL Finnish woman that I met when taking him to play groups before I went back to work. Before I had even thought about switching daycares (we already had ours booked when I started going to this play group) I got to observe how she cared for the children in her charge and I was very impressed. She wasn't putting on a show to impress a potential client. I got to see her real approach for a few hours a day, once or twice a week, for about 3 months.

As fate would have it, she was completely booked up and turning down clients. I often thought to myself that if she wasn't booked, I would have loved to have her care for Bobby but I just shrugged those thoughts off as passing fancies. Then, after a really hard day at his daycare (before I went back to work he was going part-time) I brought him to play group and asked the woman of she by chance had any openings. He face just lit right up! She told me how the NIGHT BEFORE she had a cancellation and how she was worried she wouldn't be able to find anyone to fill the spot before she went on vacation (she goes away for 5 weeks every summer - hence why Bobby is starting with her at the end of August) and she was SO THRILLED that Bobby would be in her charge. She took care of him the rest of the time we were at play group, just to see how things would go, and he loved her.

Let me just say that at this point in his life, he only let his parents and grand parent hold him. She scooped him up and talked to him and showed him things and he was totally happy in her arms for about 10 minutes. It was marvellous.

Her whole approach to caring for children is exactly what I want. Some excerpts from her contract (which is more of a work philosophy than a contract but I digress...):

Outside Time

daily walks in the neighbourhood to explore nature and our surroundings
trips to the park across the street to play and meet other neighbourhood children
playing in the back yard – sprinkler, watertoys, doing crafts, tag, and other fun things
most days we will go out in the morning and in the afternoon
walking to weekly community play group

Inside Time

playing with toys, lots of educational activities, learning colours, alphabet, counting, time, lots of art work and puzzles
listening and dancing to age appropriate music – all the classics and more.
no television

Behaviour Management

encourage children to negotiate and solve problems themselves
intervention and discussion to learn problem solving
re-direction to other play areas
time out to play quietly with a quiet activity
I am a very patient person, do not yell, and know that children respond best when their feelings are taken seriously and they are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve
when children see other children co-operating and having fun together, there is a natural tendency to join in.

Lunch and Snacks

I strive to feed your children only healthy food that is not processed or laden with salt and chemicals
snacks will consist of fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads, milk, cheese etc
we will have a morning and afternoon snack
lunches are nutritious and home made

[EDIT] I forgot to mention that she told me she's vegetarian so giving Bobby healthy foods that don't include meat will not be an issue!

Doesn't it just seem magical???

All this to say that with the first day care, I did not feel excited for him to go there.  I felt ok with it and I trusted that they wouldn't harm him.  I thought that I would feel that way no matter what.  But when day care with this woman became a real option, I felt it in my gut that this was the right fit for us and I'm very enthusiastic about it.  

That's a strong case for following your intuition.
19th-Jul-2008 10:41 am - A post for naughty_bride
you're in trouble
She asked me to take a video. I took a few but most of them involved either vomit or Brent swearing about guitar hero so this is the one we're going with.

Also this happened this morning and I know she will love it.

Snuggle Buddies

So this is for you naughty_bride ! Have a good weekend!

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6th-May-2008 11:47 am - tomato sprouts
short hair
The other night I was cutting up some of my tomatoes that were going soft to make a pasta sauce and some of the seeds had sprouted! I was quite surprised. I picked them out and kept going.

Here are some photos from when we started the second floor renovations.

Keem 'em off the trail

Cat in a box - clean version

Man at work

Pirate Markings

This is what Brent hopes my boobs will look like once the milk comes in.

A rubber lover

And this is how pregnant I looked yesterday. I can now see my belly move!

29 weeks- 5 days

The dogs are in a state of shock and awe.

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14th-Jan-2008 08:11 am - It's snowing again.
This post is not about snow.

One month from tomorrow, I will be going to Rome to visit my best friend. On the list of things to do are:

  • take her and her hubby out to a dinner of their choice
  • go to H&M (I'm so worldly!)
  • visit a church that is decorated with the bones of ancient Capuchin monks
  • go to the Spanish Steps
  • Play with her dog Willy (I'm strangely excited for this)
  • visit St-Peters square
  • watch the season premier of America's Next Top Model
  • take lots of dumb photos
I'll only be there a week and I don't want to exhaust myself, but I also don't want to feel like I missed out. I figure lots of stuff I 'have' to see will be on the way to some of this other stuff. If you've been there, what was the best thing you've experienced?

In other news I've been playing with my new camera some more but until my new memory card arrives (thanks photogfrog! ps-I re-sent you the paypal payment) I can only take 3 photos at a time.

Here's the first one I took:

Bernie-Up Close

Click through for the crazy-large version. The lj compression on this is so bad!

And here's the first photo Brent took:

An old couple

They are wieners. This is exactly why I don't let them in our bedroom, they get their prickle fur all in the sheets!

And just to be fair, here's a photo of Percy. I don't post much about her because she doesn't do anything bad, and the excessively cute stuff never gets caught on film.

melty cat

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4th-Dec-2007 07:33 am(no subject)
you're in trouble
So Brent's in Toronto until Thursday night. It's been panicking me a little because lately, it feels like I can't do anything for myself. On the weekends I can get by but by the time I get home from work I'm beat so any thought of preparing food makes me want to cry and throw myself down the stairs.

If only going UP the stairs int he first place weren't so tiring!

I was mostly worried about what would happen between tonight and Thursday. My in-laws will be out of town and I've agreed to watch their dogs. They'll be staying at my place because Brent has the car. The things that freak me out are as follows:

  • If I need anything, the closest person I can call for help is my mom, who is a good 30 minute drive away and who has her own life and is likely to say no (unless it's an emergency)
  • FOUR DOGS AND A CAT! Their dogs do not come with crates for the night. Night is when we crate our dogs so that they don't do bad things and so that the cat can have some hours of free-roaming without being jumped on. Also one of their dogs has issues and needs to be supervised while eating so that his food doesn't get stolen by my dogs. I don't have time for that in the morning. I already get up really early and my morning is carefully choreographed.
  • None of them will get much attention. I leave the house at 6:30 and I get home at 5. I go to bed at 9pm at the VERY LATEST lately which means that I'll have to crate my guys ridiculously early (Brent does it when he goes to bed) and the other dogs will probably do ass holish things while I'm sleeping.
So I had a bit of a freak out about all these things yesterday. So far today though, I"m feeling MUCH better physically. I hope it lasts because the yucks usually hit me hard around 3pm.

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4th-Nov-2007 11:20 am - Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater
BEHOLD! The best pumpkin I've ever carved!!!

Charly the pumpkin

Bernie was so scared of it, Tyrone had to comfort him...

Afternoon Delight

In other news, the gig we went to on Friday was fairly awesome.

When we got there, we learned that the guy who made the awful comments at the last gig we went to got kicked out of the band, which I think was warranted. That band would never have been booked again in this town had they not done that. A mutual friend mentioned that it's sad because he now has 'nothing in his life'. I an see why that's kind of sad but sometimes you need to kit 'bottom' to realize how you need to grow.

First up was Trevor James and the Perfect Gentleman. They used to be Travel by Owl and before that they were The Architects but apparently a couple guys quit a few days before the show so they played with a bass, a guitar and a killer KILLER voice. It was really good.

Second was a band whose name I don't recall who come from the east coast. I didn't like them because they had no focus other than they were up there playing music and not sports or something. I really despise the whole "I'm a white guy in college and I play rock...and funk" thing, and that's what they had going on.

After that was Brights who I've seen a few times and whom I enjoy. I really enjoy how much fun they all seem to have together and how absolutely cute they are and how super duper nice they are - {except of PJ, he is just a sassy number}

The was The Love Machine. The stuff the play is well done but a bit outside the line of stuff I enjoy listening to on a daily basis. They had so much energy on stage that they were really fun to watch. Except for the guy in the corner playing the tambourine. I just felt bad for him.

All in all it was a good night!

And It's now Sunday and I haven't done a single thing on my list and I don't care!!! mwah hah hah

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10th-Apr-2007 04:19 pm - Cranium, Photos, Dog Stuff etc.
you're in trouble
Movies watched over the long weekend:

  1. The Burbs
    • Funny as always
  2. Stranger than Fiction
    • Original plot
    • Has a plot!
    • Sweet funny moments
    • Brings up ethical issues with regards to creativity
  3. All Quiet on the Western Front
    • The acting was cheesy, as all of it was at the time
    • I went to bed after the first half hour
  4. The OH in Ohio
    • Sweet
    • Short
    • Surprinsing ending
    • Funny
    • Full of orgasms
So as I said, we went to the War Museum on Saturday.I took some photos but not of the general exhibits because I find that annoying.

From Outside

From Inside

Toilet Water

Painted Hulls 4

Painted Hulls 3

Painted Hulls 2

Painted Hulls 1

Later that night, Barb and Pat came over to try and beat us at Cranium. How silly! We are unstoppable!

First we got everything set up...

Cranium Competition

The King Pat made a huge mess with the clay and just sat back sipping his drink while Brent and Barb cleaned it up.

Pat's Big Mess

After that I stopped taking photos because I was attacked by a mob of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Bernie is freaking hormonal. We are coming close to that time where his nuts need to be removed. I can tell because he keeps humping Tyrone. Tyrone looks ashamed every time. He also tries to hump/kill the cat which is terribly uncool. To give her some respite and to save the carpet from the evils of dog pee, I caved and got a baby gate. I tried to get the least ugly one possible and ended up with this.

doggy gate

I still need to take the cardboard off of the front.

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