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17th-Jun-2010 09:04 pm - oh me oh my
I have tomorrow off of work so I'm taking Bobby on a special trip downtown on the City Bus.  He is already excited about it.  We'll spend the morning at various fountains, parks and coffee shops (he seriously loves them) then he'll get his hair cut with Brent.  Then the three of us will go out for lunch (any suggestions for Elgin area?) then head off to Toronto for a family wedding.

My mom will be house sitting and there is so much to do to get ready to go. Pack (I can't find my pearls!), wash the sheets (no guest bed means mom will be in our bed), hide the unmentionables in the night stand, put instruction notes on everything and on and on it goes.

Needless to say there will be no Food Revolution Friday post coming from me tomorrow.  Instead you get to help me decide what my next haircut will be.  Here are some images that caught my attention. Which would suit me best? Any alternate suggestions?

hair 4

hair 3

hair 1

hair 2

So whadda ya think?

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21st-Oct-2009 09:00 pm - 16 Months
This has been a pretty action packed month!
  • First airplane trip. He was a total champ. No crying on either flight and was totally pleasant. Didn’t even try to run all over the plane.
  • Huge jump in walking and talking capabilities.
  • New words:
    • up
    • down
    • foot ball
    • beach ball
    • nice ball
    • my ball
    • big ball (do you see the theme?)
    • uh oh
    • fan
    • dog
    • date (the fruit)
    • cup
    • sippy cup
    • hand
    • my shoe
    • nose
    • stick
    • ear
    • bear
    • mitt
    • hat
    • cheese
    • baby
    • Grandma/Kaarina (he says them both the same way “gamma”, one is my mom, the other is his day care provider)
    • me poo
    • me see car
    • no more!
    • leaf (said flea, it’s hilarious)
    • bum
  • Lathers up his own hair in the bath tub
  • Spends the night in his own room
  • Rubs in his lotion
  • Went from walking with his hands above his head, to walking while holding his belly, to walking while keeping his arms down and perfectly motionless (like on that episode of Seinfeld) to walking and clapping, to walking like a normal person
  • Runs
  • Will refuse to leave once he's in a leaf pile
  • First time out picking a pumpkin. He thought they were all balls (his all time favorite thing) and pretty much wanted to live there.


At the airport
At the airport

Me: We're on a plane! Bobby: Shit! My ears!
We're on a plane!

At Sullivan's Pond

Sullivan's Duck Pond

Sliding... obviously

Watching rocks go down the slide
Watching the rocks slide down

Throwing rocks on the slide
Throwing rocks - a rebel!

Swinging with Nanny
Swinging with Nanny

First nap of the trip, on Great Grandma's living room floor/pillows
Nap 1/2 in 4 days

Playing in the bathtub with Great Grandma
Playing with Great Nanny in the bath tub

Great Grandma... your place is so DUSTY!
Helping Clean Up

Showing his Great Aunt how to clean
Showing his Great Aunt how to clean


Trying on a hat at H&M
Trying stuff on at H&M

Moving Box Fort
Moving Box Fort

Already a gamer

2nd and final nap from a 4 day trip
Nap 2/2 in 4 days

Back at home - found a new hideout
New HideOut

Tell me... do these suit my face?
Tell me... do these suit my face?

Unexpected nap

I like this one
Maybe this one?

Woah wait... There's so many!
So many!  Where do I go first?

And they roll!
Oh... it rolls...

ok ok... THIS one.
This one?

Too small... throw it back
Mini pumpkin in flight
mom hair

 I got back from Dartmouth yesterday.  I just tell people I went to Halifax because it sounds more glamorous, and that's the airport I flew into but really, I spent 99.9%

Fun facts:
  • Dartmouth has an H&M, Ottawa does NOT
  • Bunking with your mother in law gets old after 4 days (even though I like her very much and still do)
  • There's something in the air there that keeps Bobby from napping
  • There are no change tables on air planes
  • Geese can be mean
I got two pairs of shoes today!!!

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20th-Aug-2009 09:12 pm - Vacation Success!
 The trip went really well. It started out with LOTS of driving. Bobby did really well throughout the trip. My guess is that having his grandmother sitting next to him really helped.

He ADORED playing with all his cousins when we arrived and he would not go to sleep until all the other kids had already nodded off.

The next day at the zoo, the animals he especially liked were:

-the angry polar bear (it was trying to eat us through the glass)
-the gorillas (the younger ones were chasing each other around and fighting over an old pair of jeans)
-the lion (he yelled at it as it walked by)
-the baboons (one was walking around just in front of us and Bobby got a good look)
-the orangutans  (the had balls to play with and Bobby was a big fan)
-the gibbons (one of them was putting on a crazy swinging show and flying from spot to spot. It was very exciting)
-the tigers (he was standing looking at one laying in the grass for about 10 minutes before I got tired of standing there and we moved on)

After the animals, we took a mental break and went to the sand pit where kids can dig for dino bones. Bobby had a lot of fun digging there and then we went to the AMAZING splash pad. It would have been more fun if it were less crowded but it was pretty awesome.

Then Bobby spent the rest of the trip playing with and trying to hug (SOOOOO CUTE!) all his cousins.

We drove back today.  We made a stop in Port Hope for lunch at Zest which is probably the best small town restaurant I've ever been to or even heard of. Then we went to play in a park for a bit to tire Bobby out before the rest of the drive. Bobby used the slide, Brent looked at a war monument. Fun was had by all!

Then Bobby slept for a while and when he woke up, I took over driving and Brent played with Bobby in the backseat until we got home. 

It was a pretty fun trip.  I wish driving to Toronto didn't take as long as it does because we'd definitely go more often then.  Our next trip will be next month but I need to keep it a secret because we are surprising someone there.  But I will say this: It will be Bobby's first plane ride!

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17th-Aug-2009 08:57 pm - Possibly the worst day ever?
 Between taking care of the baby, trying not to die from the humidity and trying to rest since I only got 4 hours of sleep (not in a row) I spent the entire day getting stuff ready for our trip to Toronto to go to the zoo tomorrow.

The plan:
  1. do all the laundry so I can pack properly
  2. pack human stuff and dog stuff
  3. load our car with Brent's hockey stuff, the stroller and our clothes
  4. Brent drives to his parent's, switches cars and takes all the stuff in his dad's car with him to his hockey game
  5. I get Bobby bathed and ready for bed
  6. Brent's parents come pick me up in my car
  7. I load the car with the dogs, their stuff, the baby, car-stuff for the baby and car stuff for me
  8. we drop the dogs off at naughty_bride 's with me riding in the back with 2 dogs and a baby (sounds like LOADS of fun right?)
  9. we continue on to Brent's hockey game where we now put the stroller and luggage back in our car (now that the dog stuff is gone to make room)
  10. Brent finishes his game and SHOWERS
  11. Brent's dad drives home with Brent's hockey stuff
  12. We drive to Toronto, Brent's mom in tow because she was apparent;y going anyway and this saves her a train ticket.

THEN, Brent's knee was acting up so playing hockey was not such a good idea anymore... new plan
  1. do all the laundry so I can pack properly
  2. pack human stuff and dog stuff
  3. I get Bobby ready for bed
  4. Brent packs the car with the stroller, luggage, dog stuff and car-trip stuff (holy not a lot of room left in the car!
  5. We pick up Brent's mom, add her stuff to the car
  6. we drop the dogs off at naughty_bride 's with me riding in the back with 2 dogs, a baby and a crap load of stuff (sounds like LOADS of fun right?)
  7. we drive to Toronto
Yay! Much more simple!

THEN Brent's boss calls and says that even though Brent is on vacation, there is a super important conference call that Brent needs to be on tomorrow and he needs to connect to it online as well, at exactly the time we are supposed to be at the zoo.  And it actually is super important and Brent agrees that it must be done.

New plan:
  1. same as above but we go to the zoo with out Brent
  2. I cry and cry
That plan was scratched within 30 seconds

Then came hours of trying to finangle things.

Let me just state that the call from the boss came 2 hours before it was time to really put things in motion and it just CUTS to have all your plans changed like that.

So now, the new (and hopefully final)
  1. finish packing
  2. sleep at home tonight
  3. Brent does the conference call at home
  4. we pack the car with all the stuff as above
  5. we drop the dogs off for Brent's poor father to care for (he already has 3 dogs!) and trade them for Brent's mom
  6. we drive to Toronto and go to the Zoo on Wednesday instead.
My shoulders are so tense right now!!!

I really HATE changing travel plans.  I rally hate having last minute, or ambiguous travel plans.  Really, I wish that I had floor plans for all destinations to which I have never previously been because I just like to know what to expect so today was HELL.

I gonna go drink some ice water and watch Freaks and Geeks and be in bed by 10pm.

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14th-Aug-2009 10:27 pm - Vacation day five
 wah wah weeeeee waaaahhhhh

Today was quite a day.  I took Bobby in to work with me to pick up my veggy basket. Then he Jon and I went over to the old Algonquin campus so I could take an old chair home to use for my art corner. When I got it home I flipped it over to adjust the height (yes it's that old) and it turns out it's a Herman Miller (OH THE PRESTIGE FOR MY BUM).  Just when we were about to leave and I was putting Bobby into his car seat, he got so upset that he barfed all over and I had to strip him down.  Luckily, he's too young to be embarrassed about that kind of thing.

That was the start of his bad day.  He's had a very hard time with naps and sleeping and eating.  He's also got a bit of a fever. I'm pretty sure it's all teething related because this is what happens whenever he teethes. But it's ALSO what happened when he had Rubella so hopefully he doesn't have some kind of mystery illness.

I took him swimming at my in-laws' and he didn't want to get in the water but he sat on the edge kicking the water and let me pour cool water on him for an hour. He also liked splashing the dogs.

Then we stayed for a dinner party with some Belgians.  Bobby decided not to eat and that he wanted to nurse a billion times so I was basically not a part of this dinner party.  He screamed through a bath and fought sleep as best he could.  Even after going to 'sleep' he's been up 3 times already to nurse more.  I guess that's what happens when you don't eat all day but OH MY GOD LEAVE MY BOOBS ALONE!

ugh poor guy

At least I got to bring home a piece of pecan pie.

Tomorrow is swim class day but if he sleeps in, I certainly won't be waking him up to take him.

In other news I got 5 thousand beans in my veggy box again. Last time I blanched them and made a salad. What should I do this time?
I also got some of those mini squash that remind me of crowns for hand puppets. Don't act like you don't no what I'm talking about!

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13th-Aug-2009 08:19 pm - Vacation day four
 Today was a "Regular Old Mom and Baby Day"

Spent the morning at the playground. Bobby wanted to chase some bigger kids around which meant I had to also chase them around since he wouldn't walk on his own.  That's not surprising since he only takes about 4 steps on his own before crumbling to the ground.

Spent the afternoon out back with the baby pool filled half with water and half with 'ball pit' balls and playing in his play house. We had to come inside when two giant man eating spiders tried to kill us from within Bobby's play house.  I just tried to find out what kind it was but spider websites make me want to rub myself with sand paper.

Just now I made more cookies with the plan of making myself an ice cream sandwich but I just ate 'em.  Well there are still some left so I could make one... but maybe I've had enough cookies today *pats belly*

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11th-Aug-2009 09:13 pm - Vacation day two
 This was probably the most fulfilling day I've had in a long time.  I took my time in the morning, took a nice shower, waxed my eyebrows.

I thought the compost bees would be gone by now so I went out to turn the compost but they were still there so I think they live there now.  I'll just have to wait until it gets cold out to turn the compost. I'm ok with that I guess.

I also set up my 'art corner';

-drafting table
-supply cabinet
-fold out table
-music player
-shitty guitar stool (way too short, working on this)

I'm 99% done my first art project! I'll post photos of it later. I just need to cut them out and pop 'em in the frames.  And I'm 99% happy with it.  I had a choice to make and I regret the one I did but I can always learn from that and make the other choice next time.  There are still a few more supplies I would like to get (illustration board, waterproof felt pens in many different widths etc.) but that can wait, maybe even until the religious/gift giving winter holidays.

Then I made some oatmeal whole wheat caramel chip cookies.

It was so nice to just sit all by myself for a few uninterrupted hours of creativity.  That probably won't happen again for  long time but it recharged my batteries so I feel great right now.

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10th-Aug-2009 08:31 pm - Vacation day one
you're in trouble
 I spent the day at naughty_bride's having a cooking day. WHOOOO! That's tiring but worth it and fun.

Highlights include:

-ruining some ravioli (practice ones)
-me letting her dog escape
-taking a mid-day break to go to an adult oriented store
-having crude gestures made in our general direction while driving down the highway

You know what's drop dead sexy? Having a stranger in a beat up junker show me all the ways in which he can pleasure me while I'm driving.  It was all I could do to keep from running him off the road and fucking him right there.  Too bad my best friend was there to stop me

*eye roll*

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5th-Aug-2009 09:32 pm - All kinds of stuff.
Is it weird that my only regrets involve STUFF?
  • I regret not taking all the paintings I gave to my ex back
  • I regret giving away my drafting table
  • I regret not keeping any mementos from my childhood

I put stuff in my compost bin today and it was full of bees!  Brent says they are wasps.  I don't know the difference. Ok a quick google search leads me to believe that I am correct and that they are bees.

On to the bee story.  So I opened the lid to the compost and started dumping stuff in. Mid-dump I look in and notice a shit load of bees pigging out on some cantaloupe rinds and I just dumped stuff on them!!!

So they all started darting around all angry and such and I ran away and waited until they calmed down so I could put the lid back on.

Ummm... what the fuck am I supposed to do now?  I'm terrified to use my compost but I know they've been going in there for at least the past 3 days since we've seen an unusually large amount of bees in that part of the yard.  Will they just go away once all the cantaloupe is gone? Are the bees avoiding pollinating my zucchinis because they are distracted by the compost?  Do bees even pollinate zucchini???


I've only been back to work a month and a half and I only have 2 days left before vacation.  I'm pretty excited.  I haven't written about this before but I'm pulling Bobby out of his current daycare (for a multitude of reasons which I'm not getting into because it will get long and angry) and sending him to a new day care.  The new day care is a home based day care and the woman running it is in Finland until the end of August so I'm taking my vacation and pulling Bobby out of day care after the first few days of vacation so that we can save 2 weeks of fees.

Things planned for my vacation time:
  • cooking day with naughty_bride 
  • a trip to the Toronto zoo
  • maybe a trip to a friend's cottage (waiting for details from Brent on this)
  • maximizing outdoor time (picnics, parks, backyard play, stroller walks etc)
  • doggy play dates at naughty_bride 's

Toddlers and Tiaras is a fucking creepy show

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