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Sassy Red Head
don't rest easy
July 12th, 2005 
09:13 am - Today.
mom hair

Today I'm roped into going out to lunch with the girls at work, which means I can't go home an hour early today as it will surely take the entire lunch hour.  Such is life.

This morning when I noticed the comments from wednesday_kid I freaked out thinking that 'anonymous' has created a fake journal, pretending to be The Boyfriend and stole a picture of him from my photobucket account so then I went to go see what this troll had as far as entries into his trolling journal and I panicked thinking "This person KNOWS us well!"

Then I go into the bedroom and ask The Boyfriend if he started a new journal, and indeed he had. I'm a doofus!

mom hair

SOMEONE (not me) went insane spraying WD40 on a squaky door in the printing room. And what have I been up to all morning? Printing. I'm high, it's silly I know, I feel all woosy.


I just noticed that "being adorable" is one of wednesday_kid 's interests.  And it's true, he's excruciatingly cute and I can't get anything done around him.  Stop being so cute!

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