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Sassy Red Head
don't rest easy
December 11th, 2006 

I feel like I need a really great back massage to relax all my muscles.  I don't know why I think that since I've never had one so how the heck should I know...but my back is aching and I no longer take pilates (for a myriad of reasons) and can never get the same feeling at home as I did in class.  Anyways...back massage...it's all I can think of as I'm slowly crumbling in my office chair....

Except for the other thing I can think of...which is death...or really, what type of life leads to an 'early' death.  I've been contemplating that each person is allocated a certain amount of ( I don't want to say 'life-force' because it rings too cheesy) something, some kind of energy that is used to inspire others to goodness and to have passion.  People who don't use it at all (I'm thinking sloth-like people who barely interact with other humans) live loooong lives but are probably very isolated.  People who use it fully just sort of burn out and leave this world early.

Which is the better way?


P.S.  Tell me where the subject line comes from and win a prize! (Possibly the only holiday card I send out this year or some such thing)

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03:00 pm - Massage pros?
So since we are going to Mont Tremblant next weekend and I OBVIOUSLY won't be skiing, I descided to look into their spa packages and find out what they charge for a massage....hmm $100 and they don't even say how long of a massage that gets you!  I smell a rip-off!  I'm sure I'll mosey on over to find out though.

How long of a massage could I resonably expect for $100?

Brent has an appointment with my doctor on Friday.  This is amazing because normally, once you are married you would go to the same doctor, but since there is such a shortage, she was hesitant but my MOM went in to seal the deal somehow.  This I find very surprising.  She must really like Brent a lot to actually do something for him in which there is no benefit to her.  I'm glad he's going since he has a mild-ish case of hypochondria which preventing him from being really happy since he gets worried and then feels bad for worrying and feels bad for making me worry.  He just thinks I worry though, since I don't.  I think going to see a doctor who is not a quack and who is very reassuring will help him a LOT.

I'm not the type of person who worries.  I'm a "Oh you think you have AIDS? OK then we won't do it 'till you get tested.  What do you want for dinner?" kind of person. 

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