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Sassy Red Head
don't rest easy
April 9th, 2007 
So this morning I had an appointment with my doc. to discuss the results from my blood tests taken about a week ago. My appointment was at 10:15 but some NITWIT at the check in counter was putting the files in the wrong order so people who came in after me (ie. had later appointments) went in first. I realized what was going on at the same time as the lady whose appointment was 'supposed' to be before mine and she went up and gave them heck.

I stand by my motto of :DO YOUR FUCKING JOB PROPERLY NO MATTER WHAT IT IS. Putting patients in reverse order is NOT doing your job properly.

I finally got in to see my doc an hour after my appointment time and was in there for a total of 5 minutes.

It turns out that my 'good' cholesterol is low (my bad cholesterols are SUPER low) and that I have to excercise more to get it up a little. It's obvious I get less excercise since we moved since I no longer walk to work. I hoping that drumming plus upcoming yard work will help things out in addition to the pilates I started again recently. Pilates is the only 'excercise' that doesn't make me want to shoot myself so functional excercise (like yard work, walking the dogs, shovelling snow yadda yadda yadda) is the way I want to go.

I've also been pretty sick lately and took this chance to get checked out. I have a viral sinus infection and all the crappy symptoms that go along with that. My doc reccommended some over the counter meds which should clear it up in under a week with her assurances that I could get a prescription if that doesn't work.

I haven't decided if I'll go in to work tomorrow. I feel good on the meds but I'm still contageous (if I cough on you and hit you with green mucus that is) and I'm out of sicks days so I would either have to use vacation time for the summer or go unpaid.

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