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Sassy Red Head
don't rest easy
April 30th, 2007 
I feel crusty today. I think it was all the coronas I had yesterday... I got some tequila this weekend which means that once the temperature goes up a couple degrees, it's margarita time!

I spent some time out back yesterday reading BitchFest. So far so good. It's like they put all the best parts of their magazine into one book! Oh wait...that's exactly what they did.

I also emptied out one of the composters and retrieved 1.5 wheel barrels of fresh black earth! I'll try emptying out the second one next weekend. I just piled a bunch of rakings on it a few days ago and I was unable to scoop dirt out from the bottom because of it (compost physics, don't ask).

I got paid last Thursday and I only have $20 left in the bank. I am so effin' broke! I have to get fabric for my sewing class today. I have to pay for a haircut on Wednesday AND I'm tkaing my mom out for a fancy pedicure on Saturday for her birthday. Thank the babu Jesus for credit cards!

This is apparently what happens when you buy a bunch of shorts and go out for lunch with your coworkers more than once a month.

My lobes are now 8ga but I'm leavign the crescents in for a few weeks because;
a- I can't afford plugs or tunnels since I'm so broke
b- I think I should let them heal more before fucking around with changing the jewellery

For some reason I brought a pickle with my lunch. I find that odd even though it will definitely compliment my bagel and cucumber cream cheese sandwich.
On this day:

I didn't write anything on this day before.
02:40 pm - Goals update
I figure it's about time to review my goals.  Since my doc told me I have to increase my good cholesterol through excercise, I'll be expanding on that aspect today.

  1. Learn to play drums (in progress)
  2. Learn to use my sewing machine (in progress)
  3. Get driver's liscence
  4. Refinish wood on IKEA chair and make new padded cover (still need moew knowledge through goal #2 for this)
  5. Increase excercise
    • Pilates once/week (in progress)
    • Yardwork (depending on what is needed.  I have done about 6 hrs in the past 2 weeks so far and the weather isn't even very nice yet)
    • 30 minutes of walking around Sandy Hill on workdays (Only if it is not raining and I'm wearing appropriate shoes, this area is very hilly.)
    • Drumming practise will count here too because it's actually quite the physical activity.
    • Random bike rides (I can't commit to a schedule on this, I don't think there is much of a bike route around my place)
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