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Sassy Red Head
don't rest easy
July 12th, 2007 
I don't have much to say. Last night Brent and I got into a weird 'discussion' about when to have kids and I was feeling pressured (although it was definitely indirect pressure). I just hate having to justify myself and I wish we were both on the same page. Brent has finished the book and I'm almost done it but I feel like he's staring at me while I try to read the last chapter which makes me not even want to pick up the book.

Last night I retaliated by actually staring at him while he was reading. Actually, I only thought of it as retaliation just this second while I was writing up my metaphor (simile?). So basically I was just staring at him because I found it funny, and I found it funny because earlier he had accused me of staring at him when I wasn't even looking in his direction.

Then he touched me with his scritch-feet. We are both 12.

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