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Sassy Red Head
don't rest easy
August 30th, 2007 
you're in trouble
There was a big storm yesterday. I bussed to my drum lessons after work and as I was crossing the street to get to the place the wind was so strong it was whipping sand and pebbles and refuse onto my bare legs and it hurt!

10 minutes into my lesson the power went out and it's a little weird to be in a pitch black room filled with 2 drum kits trying to find all your stuff and get out. So everyone had to go wait outside and the rain was crazy and I put on my galoshes and all the boys made fun of me. Better than carrying them though.

The power came back on right as my lesson was to end so I'm not getting charged for this one.

I came across this write-up after following a few links (sorry I don't remember how I cam across it) which is really good. To me, it states the obvious but a lot of people never have had occasion to really think this topic through.

Here's a sample:

Nearly every semester, I get this comment, “Professor, why is there a Black Entertainment Television when there is no White Entertainment Television? They would say it is racist if we had WET, so why can they have BET?”

I strongly encourage you to read the rest.

On this day:

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In 2005 - Dirty stuff, similarities between Texas and Quebec and some ecology tips
07:49 pm - SCORE!
you're in trouble
Chris came over and brought me s1 of Heroes.  SO HAPPY!  I was short $10 on the payback since I forgot to go to the bank but I don't think he's mad.  If he is, he hides it well.  Anyways I'll get it to him later even though he keeps promising rice pudding and not actually brining any!

Tonight I made awesome mac & cheese.

Follow along to make you own.

  1. Boil up about 3-4 cups of your favorite tube shaped pasta
  2. In a sauce pan, boil 1c water and add one veggy bouillon cube.
  3. Once the broth has reduces a bit, add one tub (250mL) Marscapone, 1 tablespoon fancy whole grain mustard (I used red wine and garlic flavour), two big handfulls grated extra old cheddar, one big handfull grated romano and a teaspoon of dried basil
  4. Stir until melted together
  5. Combine with pasta and put in baking dish
  6. Top with more cheese and bake at 350 until you just can't take it any more and you have to eat it NOW
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