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Sassy Red Head
don't rest easy
February 3rd, 2009 

Like a true friend, naughty_bride  called me to help me deal with this crisis.  She told me all about he butt-shaping jeans from Victoria Secret and helped me come up with an actions plan.   She seconded the concept images idea and this morning when I checked my email, she sent me a to-do list of how to start this as well as some of her own inspirational images.

So here is my official plan :

Step One - Assess Current Wardrobe

  • Make 4 piles: clothes to throw out, clothes to give to charity, clothes to keep and clothes to store (aka maternity clothes, until I know for sure whether or not I'll need them again).
    • Look at the clothes to give away pile. Is there a common theme or quality to them?
    • Look at the clothes to keep pile. Why do I want to keep them? What do I like about them?
  • Organize clothes to keep by season
Step Two - Plan a cohesive look
  • Collect inspirational images of the look I'm going for.
    • Make sure it is cohesive, has longevity and works for my body
    • Start with spring then continue with the rest of the seasons throughout the year.  No need to stress about next winter now.
Step Three - Build a Stylish and Functional Spring Wardrobe (then follow with other seasons later)
  • Shop with a plan in mind
  • Try things on before buying
  • Get basics first then build from them
    • jeans
    • casual/work appropriate dresses
    • versatile purse
    • versatile jacket
    • shoes (I already have these in the bag - unless they don't fit anymore because of pregnancy!)

That's it!  How to reinvent your look in 3 easy steps.  This will probably take me about a year and a half as my disposable income is fairly limited what with the not working right now but I feel confident that it's doable.  I felt so lost before talking with naughty_bride  and now I feel like I have a bit of direction on this INTERNET HUGS.

Now to work on the inspiration!  Feel free to participate by sending pics of looks that YOU think are so totally me (no garfield sweaters please).

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