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Sassy Red Head
don't rest easy
23rd-Dec-2004 10:00 am
mom hair

Last night I had a dream that my friend's boss kept calling me to work her booth. (She's a designer so I don't know why she had a booth but.....) Anyways she would call me every 10 minutes on my cell phone (I do not have a cell phone precisely for reasons like this) and the  following conversation would take place:

Her: "I need you on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday."

Me: "I work full-time! I can only help you out on Saturday."

Then she would get mad and hang up, and in another ten minutes would call back and the exact same conversation would take place.

In between phone calls I was walking around in what looked like a lush, green, central-park-esque place and about every 4th person had the exact same sneakers as me. This really made me furious because the were my Tigers "Mexico 66" in Teal with Tangerine stripes and laces. This is a limited edition colour! MY SNEAKS


I think my alarm saved me from having a heart attack.

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